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What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Daily we are faced with making choices, some insignificant and some life-changing. If those choices are not made wisely they can build one upon another, changing the trajectory of our life. After reading the Bible one night, Anne, began to see Matthew 6:33 in a different way: “But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” As the pastor of a thriving church, Anne was familiar with this but that night the Lord began to show her the need to seek not only Him but also His righteousness. She explains, “Nobody ever told me to seek His righteousness, not that I would have known how to do that anyway!” While thinking about the word righteous, she began to dig a little deeper and found that righteousness means correctness of thinking, feeling, and acting. The basis of making right choices begins in our mind and manifests itself in the words that we speak and how we act. Without having a relationship with God first, we cannot expect to seek after something we don’t know. After we have received Jesus and invited the Holy Spirit into our lives, God will make sure we have the ability to make right choices by His grace. Anne explains, “God’s grace gives us the ability to make right choices, to live a righteous life reveals God’s goodness to everyone around us.” She believes that the world is desperately searching for God’s goodness and that we have the ability to help them find it. We show nonbelievers the love of God and his goodness by the way we live our lives; by loving our neighbor and serving them in their time of need. Anne adds, “Even when we make a mistake, if we are quick to admit it, apologize, and make things right, we are revealing the power of God’s grace in our lives… When people are confronted with the goodness of God in our lives again and again, the Holy Spirit has something to work with!”

Anne explains, “Making right choices can seem very hard when you’re making them, but life is so much easier after you do what is right.” And those choices begin within our thought processes. First, we have to learn to straighten out our thinking by rejecting thoughts that are unacceptable and choosing thoughts that line up with the word of God (Phi 4:8). Next, we have to focus on the words that proceed out of our mouth. “Words are powerful! They can build someone up or bring someone down.” Think about how many people have been traumatized as children by harsh words from a parent or bully.  Anne explains, “I have never been so stirred in my heart as I have been over this message of righteousness. God has been talking to me especially about how we treat one another, about making right choices in our relationships.” Anne shares a personal example of this in when her eleven-year-old nephew came to live with them. “One Sunday afternoon he asked me in that tone, ‘Do I have to go to church tonight?’ That rubbed me the wrong way, and I turned around to let him have it. Just as I was about to say, ‘Listen buddy, I’ll pack your bag and send you back to your mother tomorrow,’ the Holy Spirit said, ‘Don’t you ever threaten to send him home. He is home.’ I learned a valuable lesson.” Today, her nephew is a pastor.  

  • Some nonbelievers think making choices that feel good are more beneficial than delayed gratification but Anne says that Psalm 23 is a perfect outline of how The Good Shepherd takes care of His sheep by:
  • Making us lie down in green pastures--giving us peace.
  • Leading us beside still waters—cleansing us with his Word.
  • Restoring our soul—transforming us daily by His Holy Spirit.
  • Leading us in the paths of righteous for His name’s sake—showing us how to make right choices.
  • Walking with us through dark places—He never leaves us!
  • Comforting us by leading us to the right places—Shepherds use a rod and staff to help their sheep go the right way.
  • Preparing a table for us in the presence of our enemies—giving us everything we need to live a righteous life, even in the face of adversity.
  • Anointing our head with oil—giving us the Comforter or Holy Spirit to keep evil thoughts and temptations away.
  • Giving us a cup that runs over with blessing—love, joy, peace, contentment, satisfaction…
  • Goodness and mercy follows us—When we choose to pursue righteous living and pro choices, the benefits are endless!

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Author, Pro Choices: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do (Harrison House, 2017)

Bishop of the Rock Church International Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA

Chairman of America for Jesus 2012

Co-founder of Rock Church, since 1968

Planted over 400 churches with her late husband John Gimenez Co-founder of the Washington for Jesus Rallies

Received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Oral Roberts University

Married to the late John Gimenez for 40 years

daughter – Robin

granddaughters– Amelia and Asia.


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