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The Art of Rest

In a world that rewards achievement and completing our “to-do” lists, it’s hard to rest. Some of us don’t see the importance in it, while others feel guilty doing it. The competition to work more hours and produce more results in order to feel better about ourselves is staggering. In contrast to what society teaches us we should be doing, Adam Mabry believes that rest is not only important, but vital to our well-being. As a self-proclaimed “achievement nut,” Adam never knew how to rest. “A few years ago, I was in the process of working myself into sickness… My world was falling apart. Physically, I was exhausted. Spiritually, I was dry. Emotionally, I was slipping into the deepest depression of my life.” Adam needed a drastic change in his life so he turned to the Bible to learn about the importance of rest. God created the Sabbath for a reason. He knew what we need and He still knows that rest is imperative for us to function at peak capacity. Just like a parent who knows when their toddler needs a nap, God knows that part of how we are wired as human beings requires rest. God even modeled it after creating the world. “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God finished his work that He had done, and He rested…” (Genesis 2:1-3). So why is it so hard for us to do? Adam exposes some common things that we tell ourselves that are enemies of rest:  

  • “I Am What I Do.” (The False Virtue of Busyness)
  • “God’s Given Me Too Much to Do!” (The Religious Achiever Reflex)
  • “If I Stop, Life Just Won’t Work Out.” (The Irreligious False Heaven)

Adam explains, “Rest gives us room for relationships. Rest helps us discover new freedoms. It creates moments for us to remember and to reflect. Rest restores our souls.” As God’s servants, how can we continue to give to others if we can barely keep up. In order to give out, we must first have something to give.

Learning to rest can be very difficult for some. Adam was always challenged with how to rest. In fact, he and his wife Hope used to fight about what they should do on their day off. Hope wanted to just relax and not make any plans but Adam had no idea how to do that. Adam explains, “I’d then proceed with a list of activities which I thought were conducive to this ‘just hanging out’ of which she spoke. We could take a walk, play a game, have a discussion… any of these. But please, PLEASE, could we have a plan for our relaxation, because the whole day could go by without making progress on that ‘hanging out’ task.” Adam admits that he only needs six hours of sleep a night and he still has limitless energy to accomplish tasks. He derives such joy from making lists and checking things off of that list. So, to “just” do anything is a real challenge for him. However, Hope began to teach him what rest looks like. Today, he is getting better at resting and shares the following practical tips to begin the process:

  • Sleep (physical rest is vital)
  • Read (enjoy scripture or any book)
  • Pray (fill yourself up spiritually)
  • Reflect (give yourself time to think)
  • Avocate (find something that you enjoy doing that is not your primary vocation)
  • Recreate (purely playful recreation)
  • Eat (fuel your body)
  • Sing (if it brings you joy)

These tips are not “must do’s” but suggestions to help you along your rest journey. Adam explains that “Rest
is less rule and more rhythm. Less grumbling restriction and more of an art form. It’s something to be embraced and enjoyed.”

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Author of: The Art of Rest: Faith to Hit Pause in a World That Never Stops, The Good Book Company, 2018

Lead Pastor Aletheia Church, author, speaker

B.A., Florida State University

M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary

Th.M., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Currently enrolled in Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, D.Min., and University of Aberdeen, Ph.D.

Married, four children

Church planting leader, Every Nation Churches, planted 2 churches in Scotland


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