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Beauty Pageant Title Holder Lives a Fearless Life

When Jasmine Murray was born she had to fight for her life in the NICU for a month and her mother nearly died during childbirth. Raised in a single-parent household as the youngest of five children, life wasn’t easy for Jasmine. She explains, “I realized as a young girl that Christ was my Heavenly Father. I grew up knowing God’s love, but understanding God as ‘Father’ was different.” This caused heartache and uneasiness inside of Jasmine which led to anxiety and fear. She found solace in music and singing became her outlet. “Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.” Her mother always played music and Jasmine heard such artists as Yolanda Adams, Sade, Cece Winans, and Toni Braxton. Little did she know at the time that her love for music would shape her future. At the age of 16, Jasmine auditioned for American Idol and made the cut. Instead of caving under the pressure of long days and performing in front of millions, the experience on the show only confirmed that singing was her calling. “I love performing. I love being in the studio, and that was my first time getting to experience it all, and it was so incredible. I felt like, ‘Yes, this is the life.’” Jasmine went on to earn the Miss Mississippi title and finished in the top 10 in the Miss America pageant in 2015. Her earnings from those pageants paid for her college education. Life was good but underneath the success Jasmine hid her anxiety and fear. As she went on to pursue a publishing deal for songwriting, it fell through, causing her to step back and evaluate things. She returned to school and lived close to her sister. One day, she attended her sister’s church and fell in love with worship music. “I got involved with the worship team and started helping on Sundays,” she says. “That experience was just so incredible. It took the focus off of me. I felt like God was using me to help people to connect with Him. I felt like God was saying, ‘I want you to use whatever I’ve given you to glorify Me.’” During that time, her relationship with God grew. Jasmine went on to found 13 Going on 30, a nonprofit organization encouraging young girls not to grow up too fast. Jasmine’s message to them is: “Don’t desire to act and look like a 30-year-old or make decisions like one.”  As she traveled to churches and schools speaking, she taught the girls that making life-altering decisions so young has long- term consequences.

Doors began to open for Jasmine when she met renowned music manager Michael Blanton who also managed Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. He helped connect her to Fair Trade Services, her record label in Nashville, TN. During that time, fear and anxiety came in and right before a recording session, Jasmine suffered a panic attack. Producers Jeff Pardo and Tony Wood began to minister to her in the studio. Out of that experience they wrote her latest hit song, Fearless. Jasmine shares, “The enemy didn’t want me to go in that session because he already knew what God had planned. The song is just a declaration saying, ‘I’m not going to be afraid of whatever is coming or going to happen.’” Songwriting is important to her because she knows when there is a special connection to a song, the audience can feel it.

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Latest CD: Fearless, Fair Trade Services, 2018

Miss Mississippi, Top 10 Miss America pageant, 2015

American Idol finalist, Season 8, Sang at National Prayer Breakfast for President Obama

On Ellen DeGeneres Show & Live! With Regis & Kelly


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