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Dying Mother Prays For Suffering to End

Barbara remembers, “All I did was sit on the couch and complain and cry and just sit in pain, my whole body hurt.”

In 2012, Barbara started having intense stomach pains and couldn’t keep any food down. Within a week, the pain became so unbearable, she went to the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed her with acid reflux and gave her medication, but it didn’t work.

Barbara recalls, “So I ended up suffering from terrible migraines where I would lose my balance. My vision would blur which made my stomach sicker.”

Barbara’s symptoms continued to get worse. Over the next two years, doctors and specialists ran a multitude of tests trying to determine a cause.

Barbara remembers, “They checked me for cancer, and they checked my thyroid. I've done three upper endoscopies, a colonoscopy and they still could not find anything at all.”

Unable to eat anything except crackers and water, she lost a third of her size and went down to 107 pounds.  

Barbara says, “My face aged quite a bit.  I just looked very deathly ill.  My bones were poking everywhere. You could see my collar bone poking out very crazy-looking.”

What bothered her most was not being able to care for her children properly.

Emily recalls, “I felt really sad that I didn't really have my Momma there.  I mean, whenever I was sick while she was sick, she forced herself to get up and make me soup too.”

Kylie shares, “It would almost make me cry.  Like I knew that she was suffering, but I would still go over there and tell her how much I love her.”

Barbara says, “I love my kids very much. Every day I would wake up, ‘All right, I’m going to fight this.  This is going to be the day that I’m going to be better.’ And just to deal with the same suffering.”

In March 2015, Barbara had to quit her job. Then, she received a grim prognosis.

Barbara says, “I had one doctor say that my body was just shutting down, they didn't know why, and just to go home and die. And I thought, ‘Well, this is it.  I'm 107 pounds, I have literally no energy.’ I felt death inside of me."  

Barbara surrendered everything to God.

Barbara shares, “I prayed to God to just let me die. I couldn't handle it anymore watching my kids watch me suffer.”

The next day, Barbara was watching TV when she came across The 700 Club.

Barbara recalls, “I had just eaten, I think it was a piece of bread, and I was doubled over in pain on the couch. I knew it was a Christian channel, but I had never watched it before. At the end of that show it said…

Terry Meeuwsen says, “Someone else you have a problem. An esophageal problem and it has something to do with your digestion. God is healing that condition for you. You will not have any of those complications again."

Barbara says, “It was like somebody was saying, ‘Hey, wake up!  This is for you.  You're healed!’ It was like a burst of energy, which all I could say would be like the Holy Spirit inside of me. I felt happy and I felt healed.”

Barbara did something she wasn’t able to do in 3 ½ years.

Barbara shares, “I immediately went and made myself something to eat just to test the waters and I didn't have the stomach pain. My body felt normal as if I'd never been sick.”

Barbara is back to her normal weight and in good health and taking care of her family again.

Barbara says, “You keep all faith and hope in God, because He is the healer and the doctors can only do so much, then there's God. God's right there.  He's got his hand on you.  And you will be healed.”

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