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Mother Depends on God to Renew Her Strength

Kettlyn is a single mother of three and a home health care provider. She spent most of her time providing and caring for other until one day when she was rear-ended at a stoplight.

“As soon as I get out, you know, to go see what’s happening, I put my foot on – you know on the floor…it’s excruciating pain. So I couldn’t even walk. I had to sit on the sidewalk," said Kettlyn.

Kettlyn went to see a doctor right away, he prescribed pain medication and sent her to a specialist for physical therapy and injections but nothing gave her relief.

“They told me  I have an inflamed disc and the disc was compressing against my spine.  They told me I couldn’t do any lifting, any bending because it makes it worse. So I had to take off from work at least for 3 months I could not drive. Sitting was very bad for me. Getting out of the car was very bad for me. Because every time I put my foot down, the pain is right there. So it was impossible," said Kettlyn.

Later, Kettlyn tried a risky back surgery, but it was a temporary fix and the pain returned.

“I continued to live with the pain and crying unto God every morning.”

Kettlyn knew her kids depended on her, even as she depended on God for help.

“Being a single mother, I have to be at work… I had to go back to work regardless of the pain.  I always tell people, Jesus is my strength. Without his strength, I would not be able to do my job and take care of my kids," said Kettlyn.

Kettlyn realized that what she really needed was a miracle. She found hope in watching The 700 Club every day.

“For the last four years, I’ve been watching CBN.  Every time that whoever is on that show prayed… my knees are going to be on the floor. Because I am expecting for God to touch me… and that day…I went on the floor…   while Gordon was praying, and then he gave the word of knowledge," said Kettlyn.

Gordon on television: “There’s someone, you’ve had a back injury and it’s on the right side and it’s causing recurring pain …you are healed and you are released now, in Jesus’ name.”

“When I heard that, of course my hand was up. It’s like thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for healing me… so I got up and started praising God and dancing. It was, it was the best, best day of my life. And since that day, no pain. No pain. God is good," said Kettlyn.

Now Kettlyn’s free to enjoy the things she loves and can work more hours to provide for her family. She says obedience and faith were key to her healing. 

“Sometimes we think God is so far away that he’s not here with us. Jesus says, I will never leave you…you have to continue to be obedient and believe that God is going to provide," said Kettlyn.

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