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Duck Dynasty Founders Explore the Joy of Christmas


One of the most important principles in the Robertson household is having a heart of contentment. This principle seems most appropriate during the Christmas season when so much emphasis is placed on purchasing material possessions. Although the Robertsons purchase gifts for one another, the family recognizes the true joy that comes from the gift of Jesus. They cherish the most important aspects of the holidays, such as the year’s worth of Christmas memories.

One tradition the Robertson family holds is buying gag gifts. The tradition came about because Kay always had a hard time finding a present for Phil. He never wanted clothes or gifts, so Kay began buying him gag gifts. Soon the whole family was in on the fun. Some of the funniest gifts have been books and DVDs. For Missy, Kay bought 101 Ways to Cook Bacon, even though Missy hates bacon. Willie once got a Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD. Kay even bought Phil a book on the Russian Opera, which couldn’t have been further from his interests!  However, Kay isn’t the only one in on the fun. Phil has gotten her a calculator (to add  up all the money they didn’t have at the time) and Willie has gotten her a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The tradition always brings laughter and joy to the family.

The Robertson’s have also had their share of what they call “Christmas misfires.” The little mishaps and small disasters that occur on holidays can often spoil family time. However, over the years, they’ve learned to “roll with the punches.” One year, Phil put too much spice on the food and gave everyone in the kitchen a sneezing fit. Another year, when the boys and their wives received cash for Christmas, Alan accidentally left his money in a pile of gift wrap. Instead of throwing away used gift wrap, the Robertson’s would take it outside and burn it.That year, Alan’s cash was burned right along with with the wrapping paper.

The biggest misfire in the Robertson house occurred when the house literally caught fire. The family had just gotten an 800-square-foot addition, complete with a brand new fireplace, to accommodate their growing family. On the night of a huge ice storm, Phil awoke to the smell of smoke. After investigating he found the problem, he discovered the fireplace was built incorrectly, and the wood underneath the brick had caught fire. The fire could have spread to the rest of the house at any time. Phil immediately called a neighbor, and the two men used a sledgehammer and water to bust out the fireplace and put out the fire. Their heroic actions kept the house from burning down on Christmas morning.

Memories like these have brought the Robertson family even closer over the years. Although each Christmas is different, the holidays are never dull!

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Stars, A&E’s reality show, Duck Dynasty, airs on Sundays at 8 pm, Season 9 begins on Jan 6, 2016

Authors, Exploring the Joy of Christmas, Regnery 2015

unPHILtered: The Way I See It by Robertson, Phil (2014)

Happy, Happy, Happy, Simon and Schuster 2013

Married to Kay since 1964

4 sons: Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep


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