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One friend pushes the other in a wheelchair through Spain’s Camino de Santiago and experience a deeper meaning of friendship plus their own personal...

Andrew Brunson, the American pastor imprisoned and detained in Turkey for 2 years, and his wife Norine share about his time in captivity and their...

Bestselling inspirational author Karen Kingsbury shares her recent release “When We Were Young”; a classic story with a twist about second chances.

Seth Alfaro's family worried he would never be the same after he sustained a brain injury from a 25 foot fall. See how Seth is miraculously healed.

Abused as a child, a woman becomes involved in pornography until she hears a voice telling her, “There’s something more."

Artist Michael W. Smith and son, Tyler, share about family, faith and their joint project: Lullaby.

Former NFL running back and Dancing With the Stars winner Rashad Jennings discusses how his faith helped him over come childhood obstacles.

A transgender man lives as “Scarlett” until he finds his true identity in Christ.

Darren & Heather Turner share how their true story was made into the upcoming movie “Indivisible.”

Grammy Award-winning Christian Music Artists For King & Country perform their newest single, Joy.

See how a boy is impaled in the face by a skewer and miraculously survives.

A pastor who works to rescue sex-trafficked girls shares how God’s goodness overcomes evil.

Former NFL player & senior pastor of Rock Church in San Diego, Miles McPherson addresses the racial divide in the US and offers practical,...

Life Today Co-host, Sheila Walsh discusses how to move forward when life does not go as we plan.

Sheila grew up with alcoholic parents which resulted in fear and insecurity. Through college, two marriages, and children, she didn’t find real love...

A 10-year-old’s appendix bursts and complications lead him close to death. See how the prayers of his family and friends resulted in a miracle.