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A man’s dream comes true, making it big in the music business. However, he found life at the top empty.

Emily Thomes called herself a Christian but lead a life of homosexuality, drug use, and rebellion. Curious, she googled Bible verses and discovered...

What will it take to bring racial reconciliation to our nation? Bishop Harry Jackson believes the church can help.

Hollywood stunt woman faces her toughest trial and nearly loses her life.

Comedian and Fox News host, Tom Shillue will tackle issues like our hypersensitive culture and overzealous parenting and share the rewards of an old-...

A rigid father/son relationship drives a young man away from God, until he understands God as a loving father.

Former Army Ranger and hero of the Benghazi attack Kris Paronto shares his tools for discipline, motivation, success and peace in life.

Geoff Banks shares how his father’s prayers pulled him from the pit of drug addiction; James Banks tells parents of prodigals to keep praying.

A man’s search for purpose takes him from being homeless to serving up second chances for the homeless.

Guest David Limbaugh shares how to uncover the True Jesus by looking at the Gospels.

John Stonestreet discusses his new book, "A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World.”

Guest Mark Moore shares his story of a second chance at living a life of significance after surviving a stroke.

A grieving woman falls into a cycle of addiction, prostitution, and prison, until a divine encounter in solitary confinement turns her life around.

Brandi Temple, founder of Lolly Wolly Doodle, a multi-million dollar online retailer shares how she kept faith and family at the forefront.

Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author of the new book” Age-Proof” will discuss the link between health and wealth; how someone can add years to their life...

Author Gary Thomas shares one word that can radically change your marriage.