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Feature Story: He was a drug dealer who wanted a clean life.

Feature: This boxer was in a fight to save his marriage.

Feature Story: “Love to me was literally a slap in the face.”

Feature Story: Everyone gave up on this rage-filled punk rock teenager, but not God.

Feature Story: Two abortions shattered her world.

Gordon teaches on finances and how to be a good steward of your money.

Feature Story: He was a drug mule for his uncle at age eight.

Feature Story: Her father's death was the start of her panic attacks.

Feature Story: A prison ministry helps a drug addict see the light.

Feature: A muslim comes to know Christ.

Feature: A former eddict tells how Teen Challenge helped him.

Feature: A woman is haunted by an unknown spirit.

Feature Story: Fieldy of metal band Korn shares his testimony.

Special Guests: Wes Hall and Allen Hood from IHOP

John and Carol Arnott co-host along with Gordon Robertson.

Featured Story: After being absued by a religious leader, she wanted nothing to do with church.