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Husband and wife writing team Hayle and Michael DiMarco share about their new book "Over It" and how to put your past "in its place."

Dr. Caroline Leaf discusses the neuro science of the brain and how to control toxic thoughts and emotions.

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen tackle the idea of casual sex, exposing the truth behind the " friends with benefits".

"Guilty Until Proven Innocent".- Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen take on the topic of judgment and how to judge correctly.

Gordon Robertson teaches on "Pergamum," the Seat of Satan.

"Twenty-seven" - Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen tackle the phenomenon behind 27, and the celebrities who have died at that age.

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen discuss college grads, and the career challenges they are facing.

Guest Abby Abildness shares about her ministry at the Hershey Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Jim Patton, author of "Life in the Turn Lane," shares how he went from being a repairman to a billionaire.

Dr. Carl Moeller joins Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen to discuss the persecuted church.

Featured Story: Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber tells his redemption story. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a man wanting to go to Israel.

Special Guest: Jesse Fisher

Feature: See one man's incredible story of survival.

Featured Story: Meet Mariah and Andrew, missionaries in South Africa

Special Feature: A 9/11 widow shares her story. Also, Gordon and Christy Wimber pray for the mother of a soldier.

Feature Story: Girlfriends Actress Cee Cee Michaelea shares her testimony.