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Feature story: A cutter comes to salvation. Also, Gordon and special co-host Christy Wimber pray for a Skype caller needing healing.

Special Music Guest: Eddie James

Teaching: People = Infinite Value; Also, a special feature by Todd White

Special Guest: Reinhard Bonnke

Feature Story: A single mom and gang member gets saved in church. Also, Gordon and special co-host Christy Wimber pray for a woman with knee and back...

Musical Guest: Matt Gilman

Feature Story: He was a little boy with a big heart, and he changed the lives of families in need.

Feature Story: A woman lives after being electrocuted.

Former MLB great Darryl Strawberry shares his testimony on a special program to coincide with the baseball All-Star Game.

Young couple Keith and Katie Neubert share about their struggle to have a child of their own.

Emily Klotz and CBN's Marguerite Evans share their testimonies, as we tackle the issue of forgiveness.

Watch footage from the preparation of the Royal Wedding, as Gordon and Terry take on the topic of marriage.

Author Conor Grennan joins Gordon Robertson to discuss his experience helping reunite children in Nepal with their families after being victims of...

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen host a special edition of 700 Club Interactive to showcase the latest episode of the New Superbook, Exodus....

Guest Russell Moore joins us to talk about the, "Party of Young Evangelicals," and how they are not confined to one party line.

Jamie Galloway shares his testimony as we celebrate July 4th.