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Heidi Baker gives personal insight into living from the presence of God and the lifelong continuous influence of the Holy Spirit.

Singer-songwriter David Dunn will discuss his faith and how following the Lord led him to write music that honors God and discuss his newest album,...

A six-week-old with a deadly heart defect inspires a prayer chain across the country.

A young athlete is rushed to the ER and his parents team up with the surgeons for a miracle.

Jenny used drugs and alcohol to drown her pain after being raped twice. An answered prayer led her to find hope in God.

A male model and a Hollywood cast-off went to L.A. looking for a fresh start. Their desperation brought them together, but neither one knew what God...

A toddler falls into a family pool and is under water for ten minutes. See how a team of prayer warriors helped save her life.

Basketball is the center of Joel’s life until he’s paralyzed from the waist down, a tragedy that turns him to God and sets the stage for a miracle.

After his wife left him Sonny struggled with a cocaine addiction for years until he surrendered his life to Christ.

When doctors tell parents their daughter will die before birth, a couple believe God will give her life.

How one family found joy in the midst of sorrow and faith in the midst of loss.

Jose Altuve is the smallest player in Major League Baseball, yet commands gigantic admiration from fellow players for his abilities and his faith.

Minister Katherine Ruonala will share how God works through miracles.

Couch bound for almost 3 years, former ballet dancer Donna learns to trust God for her healing.

Studio 5 Host, Efrem Graham discusses the biggest stories of the week in entertainment.

American Idol finalist and former Miss Mississippi & Top 10 Miss America 2015 will discuss her faith and overcoming fear and anxiety.