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New York Times bestselling author Don Piper recounts his experience meeting people in heaven.

Stricken with a mysterious, debilitating illness, Pastor John Barton prays as he slips into an unconscious state and knows he can only trust God.

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith shares her journey from a painful childhood of fear and shame to being part of a global worship movement.

Son of Celebrate Recovery founder, John Baker, becomes what he never thought he'd be, an alcoholic. After years of hiding his addiction, shame drives...

Efrem Graham reveals his top five trending stories from the entertainment world.

His adopted brother murdered his mother and all he desired was revenge. See how he was able to forgive and become an American Ninja Warrior.

A Christian rapper (Chang3) once saw God’s love as unattainable, until messengers both divine and human, taught him a lesson about God’s love.

A missionary doctor survives the deadly Ebola virus in 2015 and stays to serve the people of Liberia.

Mariah Freeman tried every vice she could to dull the pain mental illness caused. After a decade in and out of psych wards and rehabs, she said “yes...

The wife and son of the late Peter Pretorius discuss his 30-year ministry in Africa and the book he finished just before his death.

When a sudden heart attack put Gina on the edge of death, her husband started begging Jesus, even when doctors were ready to give up.

A boy begins using opioids to feel good and be cool and by college becomes a full-blown heroin addict. He attends a Christian rehab facility where he...

Prophet and Bishop Bill Hamon says the time has come for believers to engage in spiritual warfare against the works of the enemy.

Faith and lifestyle blogger Kait Warman discusses her journey as a Christian single, and how she seeks to bring God glory in a hook-up culture.

Bethel Church worship leader, Brian Johnson will discuss his battle with anxiety, depression and how praise, worship & the Word were vital in his...

Author Joel C. Rosenberg discusses his high-speed, high-stakes fictional novel, The Persian Gamble.