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Lysa Terkeurst shares how a marriage and health crisis ultimately led her to a radical encounter with God.

Alveda King will discuss her family legacy and how families can draw closer during the holidays.

Evangelical political activist and history expert David Barton discusses the key issues causing the current political, moral, and cultural crises and...

Learn what you can do to switch a bad gene to "off” through Epigenetics.

A career criminal faces eighty years in prison with the possibility of parole. In prison he gives his life to Jesus and begins experiencing miracles...

After the sudden death of his three-year-old son, a father clings to Christ and finds hope.

Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of SonicFlood will discuss cultivating worship and the power it has to draw closer to God.

Born without legs, Jen Bricker is a professional gymnast and acrobatic performer who has never let any obstacles stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Florida woman who lost her unborn baby and her arms and legs due to infection, shares her remarkable faith in the face of adversity.

Rusty was a sweet kid who turned rebel, addict, felon. Just when he thought he had lost everything, he found hope where he least expected it.

A woman diagnosed with a tumor is told she will never conceive. Through prayer and faith, she miraculously becomes pregnant.

Chuck was rebellious, enjoyed fighting others, and manipulated women. Drugs only amplified his abusive behavior. One day a conversation with a...

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson tells the story of his family’s business and how 400 years of American entrepreneurs made this country great.

Brady Rand had his first homosexual encounter as a boy. He continued in gay relationships for decades, even while married and a professing Christian...

How can we keep hoping and trusting in God when pain happens in our life? Daniel Brooker and Brittany Price Brooker share how they walked the road...

A couple faces an unspeakable tragedy when their oldest son murders their two youngest children.