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Author Jeannie Cunnion warns moms not to be caught up in the worry, anger, guilt and shame that comes from the expectation to be a "perfect parent".

Pastor Geoff Banks discusses how he overcame drug addiction, repeated rehab, and the importance of praying parents, a sentiment echoed in his father...

David was raised by an alcoholic, abusive father, and promised he'd never abuse his own children. But when his dependence on alcohol drove him into a...

Author Devon Wallace shares her wake up call to action for mothers to raise the next generation.

Pastor and parenting expert Clinton McRae, Jr. discusses his book, "Parent Leadership For Today"

Todos los que tenemos hijos sabemos cuánto los amamos y lo importante que son para nosotros, pero ¿sabía usted que los peores accidentes ocurren en...

President of Just Facts tells CBN News why 2005 JAMA article is unethical and inaccurate.

¿Qué es o cómo afecta la Brecha generacional entre padres e hijos? Jeffrey De León lo explica. Además conoceremos la vida de Germán Ciganda, un joven...

Shelly and Hal White were told that Mya was unadoptable because she wouldn't live long enough to see out the adoption process. Along with the help of...

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson talks with Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson about her new book, “Strong and Kind."

Best-selling author Kevin Leman helps tweens – and parents – navigate through “planet middle school.”

Author and counselor David Thomas shows us how to be “intentional” parents.

Five teens get together to talk about their parents

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shares the victories and downfalls throughout her life

In her new book Getting Real, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shares intimate details of her life and how she rose from childhood insecurities to...