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What Memories Will You Create This Summer?


I don't know about you, but some of my fondest memories have taken place during the summer -- thoughts of carefree time with family and friends, cross-country road trips and waves washing ashore on a sandy, white beach always bring a smile to my face. In fact, perhaps it is the joy of summer that makes it seem to fly by so quickly. Before you know it, you're celebrating Labor Day and asking yourself, "Where did the time go?" To keep that from happening this summer, I invite you to follow a few simple ideas to make the most of your summertime:

1. Make a list of people with whom you would like to spend time. Who would you like to catch up with this summer? Who have you been meaning to visit? Who would bring a smile to your face and you to theirs? Write a list of people whom you would like to see soon.

2. Gather fun ideas. Whether you are planning as an individual, couple or family, take 20 minutes one night this week to make a list of the fun things you'd like to do or something new you'd like to learn. From a vacation or reunion to kayaking or swimming lessons, decide what you'd most like to do this summer. I like to go to at least one new place every year - it's fun and adventurous! Is there a place you've always wanted to visit?

3. Schedule some fun. Take out your calendar and begin filling it in with your list, matching the people you'd like to see with the things you'd like to do. Build on existing plans by extending business trips or family reunions to do things you might not otherwise do.

4. Don't Procrastinate. Once you've made a travel decision, book your travel arrangements early to save money. Rather than waiting, go ahead and finalize your plans so that prices do not rise and reservations do not become difficult to secure. This will decrease the stress of travel planning and allow you to focus on the fun details of your trip.

My challenge to you:
Plan your summer! Take a specific action towards scheduling the things you most want to do over the next few months.

Journaling assignment:
What would bring you joy this summer? What do you need to do to bring it to life?

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