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Wood Stove Gave Her Asthma

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Early every morning, Veronica and her children gather dry brush and sticks to prepare breakfast in their small mud hut.

Veronica said, “We spend so much time inside. We cook and sleep here. There is no ventilation and the smoke from the fire makes it very difficult to breathe.”

Veronica's husband works far away while she cares for their children. Because of their living conditions, she developed asthma, making it hard for her to do physical work.

“At night, I wake up suffocating, and often have to be rushed to the hospital on a motorcycle,” said Veronica.

When the rainy season starts, things only get worse.

Veronica explained, “One evening, the rain came through the roof and the mud walls and ruined the last of our corn. We had no food. There was nothing I could do but pray, and trust God to help us.”

When her youngest daughter, Faith, was born with a cleft lip, Veronica felt like God must be punishing her.

Veronica said, “I remember asking God what I did wrong. Some people said that Faith was cursed, but I never believed it. I thought God was angry at me.”

When Operation Blessing found out about Faith’s cleft lip, we arranged for her surgery. Then, we learned about their terrible living conditions and Veronica’s asthma, so, we built them a new house.

“Through my daughter, God made a way to bless our whole family,” said Veronica.  “When I opened my windows and fresh air came in for the first time I was overjoyed. My health has improved a lot, I haven’t been to the hospital since we moved in.”

We also built an extra room in the house and helped her start a small business selling daily necessities.

Veronica said, “I have the only shop in this area. When my neighbors need help, I’ll buy their beans to support them, and later sell it at a profit. It’s an amazing feeling being able to provide for my family and help my community.”

Her business is doing so well that her husband will soon come home to help her expand it.

Veronica said, “The Lord is my shepherd. He is our provider. Now we lack nothing. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. May God bless you for having such giving hearts.”

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