• Jessica was 14 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Watch how social media and faith played pivotal roles for a...

  • In Thailand, Nipa raised her six grandchildren on a small income. When COVID-19 hit, she lost her job and had only 60 cents left to feed her family...

  • When disaster strikes, you can make all the difference to those who have lost so much. Please give generously to help restore hope and provide help...


US Debt Spirals to Record $31 Trillion Mark, Spiking $8 Trillion in 2…

"It's mind-boggling." America's national debt has hit its highest level ever, and it's escalating at a stunning pace.

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'The Chip Girl': Woman's Microchip Implant in Her Hand Goes Viral

A woman from Las Vegas has garnered millions of followers on social media for showing off a microchip that's implanted in her hand. But are these...


Praying Judge From Texas Wins Major Victory in Appeals Court Ruling

After a lengthy legal battle, a Texas judge can continue opening his courtroom proceedings with prayer, according to a split ruling from a New...

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It’s hard to imagine drinking water contaminated with insects, dirt and dead animals. But putrid water was all Antoni and his family had available....

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