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“My sons finally look like real twins!”

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

When friends and family saw the Mo’s boys, some said they didn’t believe they were real twins. 

Mrs. Mo explains, “One relative came over, hugged ZheFeng and gave him toys. But when she saw ZheJun, her face changed.” 

Mr. Mo adds, “She just ignored him and didn’t want to hold him.”  

That’s because ZheJun had a cleft lip and palate.

“Everyone thought he was a monster,” Mrs. Mo shares.  “I saw him as a treasure, my angel.” 

Meanwhile, ZheJun had a hard time eating, and he cried a lot. But that didn’t scare his brother, ZheFeng.

Mrs. Mo says, “It seemed like he could feel his brother’s pain, so when he cried, ZheFeng cried too. He gave ZheJun his toys and touched his head and hands. He cried ‘Brother, brother’ and wanted him to get better and play with him. But ZheJun had no strength.”

He just got sicker, weaker, and thinner.

“He began to reject food and stopped gaining weight. I was afraid he would die of malnutrition,” confesses Mrs. Mo.  

Her husband tears up and says, “He started to notice his mouth was different. Sometimes, he covered his lip and cried. We were worried that he would be insecure in the future and wanted to get him surgery.”

But it would take Mr. Mo 10 years to make enough for that. And at that point, doctors said ZheJun would miss his prime opportunity to learn to speak. Then, a neighbor told the Mo’s about CBN. Mrs. Mo wrote us, asking for help, and we quickly set up and paid for surgery. 

“It was unbelievable,” Mrs. Mo exclaims. “I began to imagine ZheJun with a fixed mouth.”  

Today, ZheJun is eating well and gaining weight.

Mr. Mo smiles, “Now my boys not only have the same kind of eyes and nose, but their mouths look the same, too.” 

Mrs. Mo says, “At first, ZheFeng didn’t even recognize his brother. Then the two children hugged and laughed. I cried tears of happiness. Because my son’s mouth was mended  Now, he talks a lot and he’s healthy and happy.”

“My sons finally look like real twins,” Mr. Mo joyfully concludes. “I thank the CBN donors. It’s your love that’s given my boy a bright future!”

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