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 A Life-Changing Surgery for Keenan

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

22-year-old Amel blamed herself after her son Keenan was born with a cleft lip. “I remember I was about four months pregnant and fell off my scooter and broke my right arm,” she recalled. “I went to see a traditional bone therapist and then consumed some medicines hoping it would heal. I thought, ‘Perhaps it was because of the medicines that caused my son to be born like that?’”  

After Keenan was born, Amel asked her mom to help her take care of the baby. Both realized how difficult it would be for him as he grew up. “It was hard for him to drink,” said Amel. “The formula poured out of his nose. It was hard for me to imagine the rejection he would face when he grew up.”  

“At first I thought that he would never have a normal life like other kids,” added Grandma. "I got sad and lost hope when I saw other kids laughing. I knew that would not happen with my grandson.”

The family knew Keenan needed an operation but that seemed impossible. “I work as a motor-taxi driver and only earn about 7-10 dollars a day,” said the boy’s dad, Hasan. “I knew we could never save enough for his operation.” 
Amel searched on the internet hoping to find help for her baby. That’s where she discovered Operation Blessing in Indonesia. “A doctor had told me the sooner we got an operation for our son the better. Then I learned that Operation Blessing provided free surgery for poor families like ours. I was really happy when I learned that they would help!” said Amel.

Operation Blessing arranged for Keenan to receive free cleft lip surgery, and within a few weeks his lip was healing nicely.  “I am so grateful because now I know people won’t tease him because of his lip,” said Hasan.  
The family reports that Keenan is now able to eat and drink without choking and that he’s gaining weight too. “As a Mom I can’t express how thankful I am to Operation Blessing and the donors who made the surgery possible for our son,” said the grateful mother with a smile. “I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much!” 

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