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Author, ReSYNC Your Life, Nelson 2017

Founder, Health Fitness Revolution magazine

Creator of ReSYNC Method; former fitness director, Bally Total Fitness


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Samir was born in Bosnia and raised in Germany.  He recalls working out on the balcony of their house at night so he wouldn’t disturb his parents. In 2000, Samir, then 24, had the opportunity to come to the US on a green card, which gave him permanent residence status.  His sponsoring program assigned him to Houston, Texas where Samir began working out at a Bally Total Fitness facility.  One day the supervisor of the gym spotted Samir and offered him a job as a trainer which he readily accepted. Within a year, he was promoted to director and then senior director.  After training several hundred other fitness trainers, Samir left to start out on his own in 2009.  

Samir says when he first came to America he was excited to come to what he considered the greatest nation in the world.  After living here, he realized that America was also a nation of unhealthy, inactive, junk food-addicted people.  “How did this happen to the greatest nation in the world,” Samir asked himself.  The more he realized America’s trend toward inactivity and poor nutrition, Samir (who was born on July 4, 1976) decided to devise his own American dream:  to make the US the leader in the world in healthy lifestyles and physical fitness.  “Other countries already look to us as an example, so imagine the impact we can make if we commit to becoming healthy, in body, mind and spirit,” says Samir.

He says more than one-third of Americans are obese and 75% are overweight which translates to more than 250 million Americans!  In Texas, Samir says the obesity rate is 61% and Houston was recently named as the fattest city in the nation!  Americans are experiencing chronic diseases more than ever before and cost the US economy more than $1 trillion ever year.  More than 360,000 people die from a direct result of obesity.  “We must turn this around,” he says.  “This is a war we can win.” In 2011, Samir created a magazine, called Health Fitness Revolution which published information about health and fitness and even tied in politics, religion and education – the first source to do so. “I see the potential this country has to powerfully lead the rest of the world with inspiration and motivation,” says Samir.  He says it’s about starting where we are and taking one small step at a time toward a better future.  Every revolution needs a strategy and the ReSYNC Method is the strategy Samir developed to make health and fitness available to everyone.

“The power of the ReSYNC Method comes from its simplicity,” says Samir.  Every muscle in the body can be trained by the body’s own movement and natural resistance which makes this the perfect option for any age, size and ability.  “The ReSYNC Method shows you how to manipulate your own body weight to build strength and endurance in the physique, the brain and in the soul,” says Samir.  The program takes 4 weeks to change our path.  “The first 28 days will ReSYNC your life,” he says.  “After that, I tell you how to stay SYNCed for the rest of your life.”

ReSYNC diet: The ReSYNC diet gets rid of all the unhealthy stuff we have been storing in our bodies.  Samir uses fresh, health-promoting nutrients to energize the body.  There are plenty of choices but every option is carefully selected and researched.  There is a specific list of foods to choose from with the first week being the most restrictive because that is the week that cleanses our system the most.  Each week the list of foods gets longer.  ReSYNC brain power: The ReSYNC method considers brain fitness important to overall health.  Brain functions decline with age, but Samir includes daily brain boosters to keep our minds as fit as our body. Samir believes in mind over matter.  He recently pushed a jeep on his own! ReSYNC spirituality:  Samir reminds us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The more we nurture our spiritual selves, the fitter we will be both mentally and physically.  Samir recently developed a program for Joel Osteen’s Lakewood congregation.  He has also met with the Lutheran church and has been working with 100 churches in Texas.  “A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean going to the gym and a hard-core eating plan,” he says.  “I want to reach the most Americans without scaring the person who is obese or not working out.”

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