ABC News's Paula Faris Talks Openly about Her Faith

While many people distrust the secular media, some Christians actually feel called to make a difference in that field.

Recently, ABC News correspondent Paula Faris spoke openly with CBN News about the challenges of working in secular news and the grace to overcome them.

For the past two years Faris has been a fresh, familiar face on ABC News. But the Jackson, Mich., native said she never planned to go into the television business.

"I didn't grow up thinking I want to be a reporter, I want to be an anchor," Faris told CBN News. "In fact, I remember my high school drama teacher was the one that encouraged me to go to college for broadcasting because at that time I didn't know what I want to do."

CBN News met with Faris during a recent visit to Virginia Beach, Va., where she was the keynote speaker for the Christian business chamber of Hampton Roads.

She shared how she graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in broadcasting with an emphasis in television production.  Faris eventually moved to New York, where she landed her dream job as an anchor and reporter with ABC News.

"A contact approached me from New York, one that I'd interviewed with before," she said. "I went on this interview and I spoke with all the execs at ABC News and I felt peaceful. I knew this was from God."

But she says the job does have its challenges -- like when she had to anchor that network's overnight show and had to appear on "Good Morning America" early the next morning.

As a Christian she says there are other tests, too.

"I feel some of the choices that are made in terms of editorially -- I'm not going to do anything that compromises me or my beliefs and I'll stand up for that," Faris said. "It's also a challenge because people expect because I'm a Christian I'm going to do all these faith-based stories, but at the same time, I feel I'm there to influence and to pitch stories."

On her Twitter page, Faris boldy proclaims her love for her kids, her husband, sports, and her church.

Faris, who is expecting her third child, attends Hillsong Church in New York with her family - something she says equips for her for those long, tough news days.

"We try to be involved, but it's hard with such a frenetic and spontaneous schedule," she said. "But we're they're every week, faithful members. Our kids are involved in the kids' ministry there. We're at church every Sunday and keeping in contact with fellow believers throughout the week, just encouraging each throughout the week."

She says she doesn't push her beliefs on others, preferring instead to let her light shine for all to see in her work and example.

"People know that there is something different about me," she said. "I think most people know that I'm a Christian. I've had just some great opportunities to share the love of Christ with people but I think if I'm not first and foremost showing Christ's love, it doesn't matter if I wear a bracelet or where a T-shirt."

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