Back Mountain Harvest Assembly: Setting the Stage for 'The Gift'

Rod Thomas - 700 Club Producer

CBN.com For 13 years, Back Mountain Harvest Assembly has presented a Nativity play called, “The Gift”. Church members consider it an outreach to the community, sharing God’s gift of love through his Son, Jesus Christ.

"God gave us a free gift, and we give a free gift to the community. We trust that they’ll receive that gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. That’s why we call it 'The Gift,' " says the pastor of Back Mountain.

They use live animals, as well as creative sets and costume design in their production of the greatest story ever told.

"Because it is for the Lord, you really want to do best job you can. We have excellent people working in all areas and we really try to pick, in all the areas, people that are – have the same goal. We all want to see people come to Christ," says the director of the production.

Thousands brave the elements each year to watch the production. Many are surprised at the impact on their lives.

"I thought it was just going to be a little enactment. I had no idea it was going to be as powerful as what it was. At the end they gave the invitation, and my son, Jordan went forward first, and then we – each of us followed one at a time. And we’ve never been the same since," says passerby, Marta.

"It thrills my soul, just because that’s what it is all about. So much of what we’re involved in is commercialism today. Without Jesus, there is no Christmas. It’s hundreds and thousands, ultimately that have given their life to Christ up on the hill here and some we know about and some only eternity will tell us," says the pastor.

The 700 Club salutes the Back Mountain Harvest Assembly for their Christmas production of “The Gift.”  You are "America’s Church of the Week." 

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