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As a professional musician with a traveling gospel group, Debra, from Tennessee, loved to sign about Jesus. But last year -- while only in her forties -- she suffered a stroke.

When Debra looked in the hospital mirror, she was dismayed to see her face had become sadly distorted. Partial paralysis caused her right eyelid and the right corner of her mouth to droop. It was hard for her to imagine performing in public anymore.

But Debra knew where to call for help.

Coming home from the hospital, she phoned The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center. Thanks to the support of CBN partners, a caring counselor was ready to answer her call, speak hope from God's Word, and pray in faith for a miracle!

When Debra woke up the next morning, she could feel her face tingling. Quickly, she looked in the mirror -- and discovered she had been completely healed! Miraculously, the paralysis was gone.

Today, Debra is once again on the road with her gospel group, joyfully singing praises to the Lord!

Prayer Helps Save a Dying Child

"It happened so quickly," says Sheena, recalling the car accident that nearly destroyed her life.

Thankfully, Sheena and her husband, Steve, safely escaped the wreckage. And as they frantically reached for their three children, everyone seemed to be fine. Everyone but 4-year-old Steven.

"He was upside down and he was dangling," says Sheena. "The first thing that went through my mind was to call The 700 Club."

An ambulance rushed Steven to the hospital. As he clung desperately to life, The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center agreed with Sheena for a miracle.

"Before any doctors came, God gave me this peace that Steven was going to be okay," she says.

It took six hours of surgery, but Steven was -- and is -- okay. Sheena's van was totaled, but today her five-member family remains intact.

Thanks to CBN partners, The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center is able to answer over 10,000 calls a day. And we'll be there for you, too, just like we were for Sheena and Debra. CBN cares about your concerns. Whenever you need someone to pray with, call (800) 759-0700. Or click here to send us a prayer request via e-mail.

You can help to make these counselors available to pray for those in need by becoming a CBN partner. Join today!

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