Dr. Asa Andrew: How to Empower Your Health


When Asa was in medical school, he temporarily left in 1995 to become a member of The Power Team, a strength-based group of athletes.  As the smallest member of the team, Asa felt like he needed to put on weight.  So he ate everything in sight.  After Asa hit the 300-pound mark, he realized he got sleepy after meals, was sweating at night and had trouble breathing.  Test results showed that Asa had Type-2 Diabetes. He ate so much, he made himself sick. 

“My body couldn’t handle the rising and falling of the blood sugar.  I was eating the wrong kinds of foods, and too many of them,” says Asa.  “I had to make a decision.”  He knew that the same intensity he used to put on the weight he would need to use to take it off.

After six months of radical change, Asa got down to 235 pounds.  “I took responsibility for my own health, because no one else could do it for me,” he says. 

At his next physical, Asa’s doctor was astounded.  Asa’s blood sugar was under control, his pancreas was working again and he was no longer a diabetic.   “The great news is that what worked for me can also help anyone,” says Asa.  “The choices you make today will affect the health you will have tomorrow. Remember, your body is constantly regenerating from the foods you eat, the exercise you choose to do. Your health is your greatest wealth,” he says. 

Now, Dr. Asa is also the physician assisting Mike Weaver, lead singer for Big Daddy Weave, in his weight loss progress.  Mike has a goal of losing 90 pounds in 2009.  Currently he has lost 45 (see Mike's story). 

“Mike will hit his goal this year,” says Dr. Asa.  “We are working on his thyroid gland and hormones in order to get past this plateau.” 

Dr. Asa suggests that if we find ourselves in a weight-loss plateau, there are things we can do to trick the body to get past it naturally.  Exercise six days a week for 30 to 45 minutes each day.  “At 46 minutes, the body gets stressed and cortisol levels in the body rise which burns muscle and stores fat,” he says.

Dr. Asa founded The Center for Natural Medicine which is located in Nashville, TN.  It is a state-of-the-art wellness clinic designed to help people attain and maintain extraordinary health. 

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