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Dr. Ben Carson: America, Unite Under God

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Best-selling author, One Nation along with five others including Gifted Hands and America the Beautiful

Retired Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Founder of Carson Scholars Fund

BA, Yale University MD, University of Michigan

Married to Candy Carson, with three sons

Dr. Carson was raised by his mother in a state of dire poverty. Young Dr. Carson was made to read two books from the local library each week. Even though his mother went to school only reaching the third grade and could not read, she asked her kids to write reports after reading every book. She would underline and check on lines, though she did not know what they meant. This helped Dr. Carson and his brother with their education. Dr. Carson says that his mother’s strong faith in God was a big influence on his faith. He asks God for wisdom and guidance and He grants it to him. Dr. Carson learned to depend on God, thanks to his mother. Today, Dr. Carson is one of the prominent people who take a stand for their faith and does not compromise on anything.

“One Nation” is a clarion call to return to our historic culture of personal responsibility in order to solve the expanding list of America’s ills, including growing debt, deteriorating morals, failing to make meaningful progress, resolving the Obamacare problems, and tempering media elitism and political correctness.

One of Dr. Carson’s concerns in building America again is the education system that we currently have. He says the teachers need to be ‘re-trained’ to teach the students about Christian values.

A few factors that are important to build America again are courage, communication, and taking a stand. Dr. Carson says courage is not being afraid, but being brave like our ancestors who believed in the freedom that we have today. Communication means, you must talk to each other about things that you agree and disagree on. “People will never come to an agreement when you are silent,” he says. Further, people need to stand up for their beliefs, especially the Judeo-Christian beliefs this nation was built on. He says people need to challenge what is said, and not compromise on their secular progressive claim. Secular progressive claim is a Marxist claim. Dr. Carson says that Americans today are taught to shy away from Judeo-Christian values that this country was built on. They are being replaced with secular claims that compromise on Christian values and morals. Dr. Carson says we need to go back to our roots, that is, believing in God, in order to make true the phrase “One Nation Under God.”

As Dr. Carson takes a stand for his faith, many detractors approach him to challenge his principles. As a scientist he is able to answer them back with logic, so that they understand and think about the intelligent Creator. An example of this, is at the headline-making 2013 prayer breakfast, where Dr. Carson shared his opinion on the nation’s health care policies, education, taxes, history, the constitution, his upbringing and many other topics, and received much criticism for it. Following that event, many people responded to his message with chants such as “Ben Carson for president.” Dr. Carson says that he does not have the desire to be President but if God wants him to, he will be.

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Dr. Ben Carson
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