Georgian Banov: Explode With Joy


Georgian Banov was born in communist Bulgaria. As a teenager, he was a founding member of the first official rock 'n roll band in the country. He escaped the iron curtain and was mightily saved after coming to the United States. It was during the tail end of the Jesus Movement in 1974 that he had a powerful encounter with Christ in Southern California. Georgian and his wife, Winnie have been ordained ministers, serving as missionary evangelists for over 25 years - since 1979.

They have traveled worldwide doing meetings from churches to stadium-size crusades in the United States, Africa, East and West Europe, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2001, the Lord has increased their ministry's focus and attention towards the poorest of the poor throughout the Third World. So far, they've targeted Southeast Africa hardest hit by famine, the rejected Gypsies of Eastern Europe, and the impoverished of Central America. 

All of their crusades include Jesus Celebrations and Love Feasts, where they feed the local people their favorite food. Although the sounds, flavors and spices of these international crusades vary from nation to nation, the River of God's extravagant love is always the same - deep, passionate, all consuming and irresistible. The Banovs are excited to be alive at a time where the Church will see the Lord's largest harvest in history! 


After the fall of Communism, Georgian responded to the lack of Bibles in Bulgaria by organizing the printing of the first official shipment of 40,000 New Testaments in the Bulgarian language; followed by another container of 30,000 complete Bibles. Georgian received financial backing from CBN, which made it possible to see his dream realized for the people of Bulgaria. 

Nevertheless, Georgian and Winnie are working hard to see even more accomplished in that nation. For the past seven years, they have been spearheading the fundraising of a unique project of refreshing of the Bulgarian Bible as well as creating a complete dictionary with numbers identical to the Strong's Concordance. The goal is to produce a Greek -Bulgarian Linear New Testament and other vitally needed Bible study literature and software for the education and equipping of the new Christian generation in Bulgaria.

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