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Shawn Brown - 700 Club Producer

James Lewis is one of the youngest managers of a major drugstore chain. He has been watching The 700 Club since he was a child. When he got his first job there in high school, he immediately knew what he wanted do with his money, thanks to what he learned growing up watching The 700 Club.

“When I was a young teenager I watched it even more and I started to really become curious about the Bible and I just started reading it. And I heard about tithing, so I decided to put it to the test. I expected just for God to work his miracles, just to open up doors for me and to really almost prove to me that it is real,” says James.

As James began to give, he saw more doors open. He received extra hours, and decided to increase his giving to CBN.

“Whenever I got a bigger paycheck or worked more hours, I would always give more to help out other people, of course, and just knowing that my money's going to help, you know, whatever The 700 Club may need, it really makes we feel good,” James explains.

As James continued to give, he continued to receive promotions. Within three years of starting his job, he earned a promotion to store manager.  

“That, to me, was a real eye-opener, you know, and like wow, this is possible. It is real. And because of all the opportunities He's given me in the past to get to that position, it was proof in my eyes that it does work and that you do reap what you sow,” shares James.

Now, James is putting himself through college as he continues to climb the company ladder. And when asked about the secret to his success, he says the key is found through giving faithfully to the Lord.

“I would encourage others to give to CBN because it's such a great organization. They're global. They help people around the world every day, Operation Blessing, the testimonies. It gives people hope, strength, and comfort. I think if people start giving and just give God a chance give something, anything, whatever you can do and discover the Law of Reciprocity, you'll start seeing doors being opened for you,” says James excitedly.

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