Jane Hamon: How to be a Woman of Influence



In the Bible, the Old Testament book of Judges (chapters 4 and 5) tells the story of Deborah. She served as judge in Israel when the country was living under the rule of their enemies for 20 years. The land was under distress and turmoil.  She was often found sitting under a palm tree, which was her seat of government and where the children of Israel came to her for righteous judgment. Deborah received revelation from God and was also a woman of great wisdom.   

Deborah went to the general of Israel's army, Barak, and told him that God wanted him to raise up the army and fight off their enemies. Barak said he would not go unless Deborah went with him. Deborah told him she would go, but their enemy's king, Sisera, would be delivered into the hand of a woman. After a fierce battle, Israel's enemies were defeated and King Sisera was killed by a local woman named Jael.


From the early days of the Church's history, God has used women to make a difference in the earth and in society. The Biblical Old Testament figure Deborah is the prototype of the woman Jane Hamon believes God is calling for today.

She has started a group of women, "The Deborah Company." This "Deborah Company" is composed of ordinary women everywhere who are answering God's prophetic call to become extraordinary and to make a difference. Deborah brought change to a nation in turmoil. She inspired a general, rallied the troops, and set a course of freedom for millions of people. She was a woman who made a difference. She was a woman who served in a leadership capacity in the nation of Israel at a time when they were oppressed by their enemies. She is described as a prophetess, a judge, a wife, and later when she accompanied Israel's General Barak into battle, she was also a warrior and a worshipper.  Each woman can fulfill their calling in Jesus Christ and be effective in each of these areas.               

Women today are not only leaders in our churches, but they are also leaders in business and politics as well.  Many people may believe that this is a product of the women's liberation movement, but it is really the timing, plan, and purpose of God to restore women to vital, functioning roles in order to make a difference in God's Kingdom and earthly kingdoms.

Feminism ideology from the 1960s and 1970s was a counterfeit of what God wanted to do in and through women. It was always in God's heart to set women free to fulfill their highest potential in Christ, though it isn't His desire to have it happen through rebellion or the breakdown of the family unit. God's proper alignment is being restored as women recognize their God-ordained destinies and pursue them with a spirit of liberty and humility in order for them to have an impact on their environment. Christian men who would like their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters to fulfill their destinies in God's Kingdom should be aware of what God is doing.


Jane Hamon became a believer in Jesus at age 14. She was Spirit-filled at age 16. By age 17, she was in Bible college and by 19, she was in full-time ministry with her husband, Tom. They have been senior pastors of Christian International Family Church for over 20 years. CI Family Church is the home church of Bishop Bill Hamon, Jane’s father-in-law. Jane and Tom have been married for 25 years and have three children who are all actively involved in ministry.

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