Kimberly Whitman's Peppermint Wreath

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CBN.com Peppermint Wreath
For a different twist, try green striped spearmints or red and green swirled peppermints.

Red spray paint
1 (12-inch) foam wreath
4 lb. assorted peppermint candies, unwrapped
Hot glue gun
Thick red, green or white ribbon

1. Spray paint the foam wreath; let dry.

2. Attach peppermint candies in rows (not overlapping) to
foam wreath using hot glue gun. Allow glue to dry before
attaching ribbon to the top of the wreath.

{1} Kids and grown-ups alike will love to make this whimsical
holiday wreath. Leave the hot glue step to the adults
and let little hands help with the unwrapping of the candies.
Try smaller foam wreaths, available at crafts stores,
for another option. {2} This sweet wreath is a fun way to
welcome guests. Store the wreath indoors, or brush with
decoupage glue to seal and enjoy outdoors.

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Kimberly Whitman