Mike Weaver: 'The Reality of the Middle'

CBN.com Nashville, TN Mike Weaver, lead singer for Big Daddy Weave, set out to lose “90 pounds in 2009.” It’s been six months, and he’s down 45 pounds.

“I’m ready to move,” he declares. “I’m ready to get into stuff and have a great time. We’re playing ball in the backyard and playing music together. We’re doing all kinds of fun stuff. It’s unbelievable how much more energy I have. I have focus now that I didn’t have before -- especially on stage when we get to sing and share.”

Since we were with him last, Mike spent the majority of his time on the road. Touring is a new obstacle!

“It’s really about just making good choices. I would have to bring things with me that I knew I could eat,” he explains. “We’d put it in the refrigerator on the bus and make smoothies. I bring strength bands to work out with in the hotel rooms. We’d be doing that faithfully. Even though I see the benefits of what is happening in my life, still there is this struggle of wanting whatever I want right at this moment.”

Mike has been faithful to his eating and exercising routines, but he’s hit a plateau. The scale’s not budging.

He says, “About a month ago, I hit this wall where I haven’t lost any weight. That has been freaking me out. You’re like, ‘What is going on here, Lord? We set out to do this for the kingdom.’ Then it dawned on me that this is just a real part of the process. This is the reality of the middle, and everybody has to go through the middle. Even though, we’ve hit this plateau, I know we’re going to get through it. I’m excited to see what’s on the other side of that and how this is going to play out.”

Dr. Asa Andrew says physically, Mike is doing well, and if he keeps it up, he’ll reach his goal.

“His blood pressure has dropped considerably down into the normal range,” Dr. Andrew says. “He is processing his food better. His digestion is better. His pancreas is working better, meaning he is handling his blood sugar better. [When it comes to] his exercise routine, he was huffing and puffing at 30 minutes, and now he can go 45 minutes like it's nothing. That’s because he’s lost the weight, and his body is functioning better. He’s seeing some tremendous results.”

Dr. Andrew is most amazed at Mike’s spiritual growth. He explains, “I was just talking to him a little while ago, and he said, “’Man, the one thing I’ve noticed is I’m different on the inside.’ He wasn’t talking about his cells, his heart pumping better and his liver working better.  Spiritually on the inside, all the food addictions, all these different issues that he had that food was trying to cover up, they’re broken and they’re gone.”

Mike notes, “When we give the control over to the Lord, then it’s a different ballgame. You’re not relying on your strength anymore. Jesus doesn’t have an eating disorder. Jesus doesn’t struggle with wanting to eat trans fats or bad carbohydrates. He’s got victory over that, and that victory is ours when we embrace Him!”