On a Mission for Single Mothers

CBN.com Kim Brown pastors Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church. He wants his church to have such an impact on their community in Chesapeake, VA, that it would be missed if it disappeared.

“This year, our theme as a church family is ‘impacting our city’,” says Pastor Brown.

One way Mt. Lebanon practices what it preaches is through “Daughters of Destiny” -- an educational program for single mothers in the city.

Mt. Lebanon’s media manager, Pat Blue, identifies with these women. “I see myself in that seat. I remember where I was some years ago as a single parent trying to find my niche and my way in life.”

Now, Pat inspires other struggling mothers. “[They] have less opportunities, less resources available to them. [They] may not be in a position to pay for technical skills.”

Pat teaches free career improvement courses to ten single moms chosen from the community based on need and motivation.

“Church is a place that wants to help you become what God has ordained as your destiny,” Pastor Brown says.

Classes meet twice a week and include resume building, interview skills, and computer training.

While the ladies learn valuable skills, volunteers care for their children.

One mother says, “My daughters really love coming here. It just gives them something to do -- [keeps] them from the streets.”

By sharing common struggles these women forge a bond. “It’s like we’re best friends,” another woman says.

At graduation, the church will give many of these women a free computer with software.

For helping single mothers learn job skills and giving them hope for the future, The 700 Club salutes you, Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church of Chesapeake, Virginia.

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