A PEAK at Nashville's Oasis Worship Centre

Randy Rudder - 700 Club Producer

CBN.com In the summer of 2008, Oasis Worship Centre in Nashville took the good news of Jesus to the streets.

Oasis sponsors an outreach called PEAK which stands for Putting Everything Aside for the King. In the midst of 100-degree temperatures, church members deliver school supplies and groceries to the needy. Volunteers also hold Bible studies and share the gospel through music, drama, and dance.

Pastor Danny Chambers is passionate about reaching young people in this south Nashville neighborhood. 

“We are one generation away right now in America from losing America, if we don’t train our kids,” Pastor Chambers said.
Volunteers also take an annual missions trip to Mexico. Allen and Denisa Kingrea say the trips are often life-changing.
“When you have a child that’s 10 or 11-years-old and they see Jesus heal someone—we’ve seen blind men healed; we’ve seen children that were lame get up and walk. We’ve seen tumors just dissipate and go away. When they see God use them in that manor, when they’re only 10 or 11, it changes their future. It changes the way they look at things,” Denisa said.

“Really, what it takes for a kid to be in PEAK is a servant’s heart.  That’s what we really look for is the heart. It doesn’t necessarily involve talent, it’s the heart,” Allen said.                    

The PEAK outreach, however, is not your typical punch and cookies Sunday school program. 

“It does require a huge commitment. But it teaches them responsibility. It teaches them how to be disciplined. And they grow not just in their relationship with Jesus, but even in discipline at home, discipline at school,” Denisa said.            

The PEAK program is one way Oasis is making a difference in the lives of young people in Nashville.

“Real ministry happens out here in a place like this. We’re standing on a piece of land that the Bloods and the Crips were fighting over last night, right here on this dirt last night, where ministry is going on today,” Pastor Chambers said.

For involving young people and reaching out to the needy in your area, The 700 Club salutes Oasis Worship Centre of South Nashville, Tennessee – America’s Church of the Week!


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