Wife's Prayers Bring Dead Husband Back to Life

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

CBN.com "It was heart-wrenching the night we were officially told David was clinically brain-dead," says Linda Shublak about her husband Army Major David Shublak.

Linda and David had been married only six weeks. She adored her new life as a bride. One morning David left their home for his usual morning run in the Arizona desert.

While Linda wrote him a love note, sirens shrieked at in the distance. She paused and prayed for the accident victim, not knowing she was praying for David. A car going 55 miles per hour struck David while he jogged down a highway on the small military post. Thrown 65 feet from the impact, he landed on his head on the concrete.

Shublak_hospital_MD.jpgAt the hospital, David underwent immediate treatment for severely broken legs and a broken arm. He had facial and skull fractures. Twenty minutes into the surgery, his brain started to swell five times its normal size. The head neurosurgeon told Linda that David was not expected to live.

Funeral arrangements for David's burial in Arlington National Cemetery had already begun. Military friends ordered new uniforms to escort the body. Some suggested Linda donate several of David's organs. Even the Shublaks' pastor had prepared for the worst, after seeing the readings from David's brain pressure monitor. The numbers showed no brain function compatible to human existence.

"There was so much pressure," says Linda, "and so much doubt and unbelief that I said, 'Lord, give me some assurance of what I am to do.'"

Shublak_Lindaprays_MD.jpgAmazingly, John 11:25 was highlighted in Linda's Bible. "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, even though he die, yet shall he live."

"And that was God telling me that even though they were saying David was brain-dead, he was going to live," says Linda.

Linda continued to read the Bible and pray. She played praise music, placed the Bible on David's chest, and pinned Scriptures all over the hospital room. But while her faith grew in anticipation of the miracle, others around her worried she had lost touch with reality.

"It disturbed a lot of people," she says.

Yet, Linda ignored opinions and kept praying for David, even though he was still on life support.

Surprisingly, by the sixth day, David began responding to light. When Linda, whispering in his ear, encouraged him to show doctors even more life was in him, he started moving his legs, astounding everyone.

"It was like an awesome reverence that came over the whole room," says Linda, "just a glimpse of glory."

Shublak_david_MD.jpgSlowly, David's memory returned. After two months of intensive rehabilitation, he returned home. The neurosurgeons agreed David's recovery qualified as a miracle.

"I feel absolutely great," says David. "My goal is to do a marathon."

Recently, David returned to active military service.

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