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From $9 an Hour to Multimillionaire

Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer

Chantel Ray is the name behind a multimillion-dollar real estate company. To date, she has 130 employees and five locations.

Chantel says, “Every year we've grown by at least 40% or more.”

Years ago, Chantel was struggling with an entry level job and a meager salary.  Her definition of success then, was having enough food and a roof over her head.

Chantel shares, “I was making $9 an hour, 20 hours a week. I was barely able to buy groceries. I had a really hard time paying rent. So I was using my credit card for gas, using my credit card for groceries. Because I just didn't have the money.”

After several years of making only paying minimum payments, Chantel maxed out her card and was $10,000 dollars in debt.

Chantel remembers, “The worst part was when I went to the grocery store and my credit card got denied because I didn’t have any more money left on my credit card and that's when I thought, ‘Great. Now I can't even buy food.’”

During this time, Chantel heard a message on tithing. She was desperate enough to give it a try.

Chantel shares, “I didn't have a lot of faith at that time, but I just knew that God was saying, ‘Okay, I want you to trust me.’ But I was like ‘The most I could possibly have is $30 in the account.’ So, I wrote a check for $30. I was like the widow with the two mites. I literally gave everything I had in my account at that time.”

One week later, Chantel received a $300 refund check in the mail from her utility company. She continued to tithe faithfully and received another financial breakthrough. Her aunt paid off her $10,000 credit card debt!

Chantel says, “My aunt just called me and was like ‘Listen, I just decided I want to pay off your credit card.’ And I was like, ‘What?! I was just kinda bouncing up and down, and I was like, "Oh my gosh!! You did provide for me.!’”

Soon after, she was listening to a podcast about giving away 90%. Chantel felt God telling her to do the same.

Chantel shares, “And I'm like ‘What??!!! You want me to give 90%? I just started at 10.’”

But Chantel knew she could trust God with her money.

Chantel says, “And so I decided to give 3% of my income extra over and above the 10%. And my goal was by the time I'm 54 years old I'll give 90% of my income away.”

And two years after that, she felt God leading her to launch a career in real estate and saw another dramatic increase in her income.

Chantel recalls, “I sold more houses my first year in real estate any other first year person. As I was faithful, He was faithful as well.”

Chantel married Ryhan and together they have two children. She loves teaching their son, Kyle  about giving by showing him how much to give god from his $10 allowance.

Chantel shares, “One of those dollars you're going to give back to God. One of them you're going to save, and then the rest of them you can choose to save, you can choose to give more or you can choose to spend the rest.”

Kyle says, “So the reason I like giving my allowance is because then I can help other people.”

The rest of Chantel’s success story can be read in the bottom line of her own real estate company. And she’s quick to give God all the credit.

Chantel says, “It’s about your heart. what you sow is what you reap and God is very faithful. When he says, 'Trust me in this as you give I will give back to you.' I'm a perfect example of Him being true to His promises."


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