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ChurchWatch 06/18/09

Pocket Full of Change: Churches in America

Editor's Note: Here is the second installment of Cheryle Touchton's missionary journey across America. Today she encounters folks steeped in the New Age Movement and describes life in the churches she visited this past week. All this summer, Cheryle will be sharing stories from her missionary journey, and will be sharing insights from the Christian fellowships she visits along the way.

Cheryle Touchton and Gail GoldenI’m meeting more New Age followers than ever before.  They say they are believers in Christ, but then go on to talk about their energy, essence, or light.  One woman explained how she had healed herself using her own energy.  I told her that my Jesus was the creator of light and the giver of real energy.  Another woman said, “I worship a Goddess.” 


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Churches of America

When on a missionary journey, I go to a different church every Sunday as well as any other time I’m near a church holding services.  I don’t care what denomination I attend as long as they believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and read the Bible.  I’ve attended two churches since I left home and led a worship service in a KOA campground in Westchester, Pennsylvania. 

On June 7, I worshipped in Corinth United Methodist Church in Four Oaks, North Carolina.  There were about 30 worshippers there.  When they began singing the old hymns, Gail and I sat back and let the familiar words minister to our souls.  The people were so welcoming.  They invited me to tell them about my missionary calling and journey.  The sermon was on the sin of pride. 

Rev. Bill Spencer joked, “One subject I am an expert on is pride.” He talked about the 4 kinds of pride – intellectual, material, social, and spiritual.  His sermon was humorous and inspirational. 

Sunday June 14, I worshipped in Wlllowdale Chapel, a non-denominational church in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  They have two services on Sunday and their large auditorium was packed.  The contemporary music and praise band was completely different from the Sunday before.  People were in shorts and jeans, but like the week before, most were carrying their Bibles. 

As I travel, I continually make the same observation.  When thinking about church growth, it seems to be mostly about the music and dress.  Contemporary music and casual attire attracts young families.  The growing churches I’ve been in have young families. 

The Discouraged

Everywhere I turn, I meet discouraged struggling people.  One woman had lost her job because the building burned down.  I meet lonely campers stuck in isolated places living in small trailers because of having to take unusual job situations.  My job is to point them to God for the encouragement they need.  I’m astounded by how many Christians have stopped going to church.  They say they are depressed and have lost interest. 

Two Christian women I met and had lunch with the day of this writing admitted that because of the nomadic nature of their husbands’ jobs, they had stopped going to church.  Through our conversations, they realized that part of their feelings of isolation stemmed from not attending church and they committed to get back in church.  During these difficult economic times, America needs to be in church.

Belle the Missionary Dog

Belle is a missionary dog and she does her job well.  She is a Shetland Sheepdog and writes stories called Belle’s Musings on www.pocketfullofchange.org.  Belle does her tricks to music for anyone who will listen and can draw a crowd.  She likes my pocket full of treats much better than my pocket full of quarters.  She does wonder why humans whine so much when they are supposed to rejoice in the Lord always.  She also wonders why fleas and ticks seem to like her best.  She stays frustrated that churches won’t let her attend.  After all, she is a missionary.

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Cheryle M. Touchton is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries.  She is the author of 2 Books: Pocket Full of Quarters: 5 Steps to Loving God and Pocket Full of Christmas: Having a Purpose Filled Advent. For more information or to schedule a speaker for an event, go to http://www.pocketfullofchange.org/ or call Gail Golden at (904) 316-5462.

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