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Every so often someone comes along who so inspires others that he or she is remembered years later – perhaps a preacher, a songwriter, or president. However, this story is not about a creating a legend, but leaving a legacy for the Kingdom of God. I have a friend who has been quietly partnering with God to leave a legacy for His Kingdom few outside of Heaven would recognize. She has a divine gift of “spotting” someone in need—seeing right through his or her mask and into his or her heart. She ministers to people quietly, without much fanfare, but makes a world of difference in each of their lives. I know because ten years ago, she “spotted” me.

I was reminded of her heart for the hurting when one day she called me from her hospital bed. She’d been there over a month, hundreds of miles from home with-of all things-a stubborn broken leg that refused to heal. After seven surgeries, torn veins, and a collapsed lung, no one, most especially my friend, was prepared for all of the frightening complications.

Still, one morning she found the strength to call me to ask my help in locating a God-honoring pregnancy center to help a young nurse she befriended. The woman was a single mom, pregnant, and frightened. I was truly inspired to see my friend’s heart, despite all she was going through, still reaching out to others.

All too often, we think that partnering with God to build a great, impacting ministry only occurs at a pulpit, piano, or podium. My dear friend reminded me that there is only one place we need to be to partner with God: in His Presence.

Where would you say you are right now? Do you want to leave a legacy for the Kingdom of God but feel hindered or inadequate? Are you waiting for something to fall neatly into place, thinking only then God can use you? Too often, we are tempted to think we must be in the right place and right time based on our limited view of what that looks like; however, our omniscient God sees things differently. The apostle Paul penned many of his New Testament letters while he was in prison; Jesus announced His resurrection to a woman crying by an empty tomb (John 20); God gave the Revelation to John while John was exiled on the isolated island of Patmos. When you are tempted to think that you cannot be used by God to impact His Kingdom, remember my dear friend: while laying immobile on a hospital bed hundreds of miles from home, she stood in the very Presence of God; and God, seeing that her heart for His Kingdom was exactly in the right place at the right time, brought someone in need to her.

“Since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven has been advancing with force. And forceful people are taking hold of it.” Matthew 11:12 NIRV

Copyright © 2015 Shadia Hrichi. Used by permission.

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