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ScottRoss 08/05/10

Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

Greetings to all,

Thanks to some of you who responded to my initial blog yesterday conveying my thoughts in an e-mail to Anne Rice who recently announced her break from aspects of Christianity that have “violated her conscience.” (My phrase)

For the sake of clarity, I asked Ms. Rice (Anne), if she would convey her thoughts directly to me without the clutter of the “blogosphere” and other forms of media that often distort the true heart of the matter.

Anne has graciously responded and with her permission you will find her comments below.


Anne Rice statement to Scott Ross

Scott, thank you for this very generous and loving email. Much appreciated.

My commitment to Christ remains at the heart and center of my life. Transformation in Him is radical and ongoing.

That I feel now that I am called to be an outsider for Him, to step away from the words, "Christian" and "Christianity" is something that my conscience demands of me. I feel that my faith in Him demands this of me. I know of no other way to express how I must remove myself from those things which seek to separate me from Him.

Every day of my life, I talk to Him, over and over, asking Him to guide me, show me the way.

I did not want...in my statements....to attack any one church, or political group, or denomination, or theologian, etc.  I wanted to step away from the confusion and misinformation and argument and confusion  that are attached to the words, "Christian" and "Christianity" historically, politically, and socially. 

This has to do with me as an author, as a public person, as a person who writes about what she believes, and who never really writes anything other than what she believes, no matter what the form of the book.

I must be an outsider for Christ right now. I must give my heart to Him in my failure to conform to the expectations of some of His followers.

I must ask for His forgiveness, His guidance and His understanding.

Please feel free to share this statement.

Thank you for your loving and caring email.
Anne Rice

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