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WeightLossCoaching 01/01/08

Realistic Weight Loss Resolutions

Are you realistic or unrealistic when setting your New Year's Resolutions or weight loss goals?

An example of a realistic goal is to say 'you are going to give up soft drinks and replace them with water in 2008', and an unrealistic goal is to say you are going to lose 100 lbs by doing so.  Realistically, if you drink one soda a day, that ONE CHANGE could lead to 15 pounds of weight loss! Imagine if you drink 6 or more how much weight you can lose?

If you are unrealistic when you set your goals, that may be why you end of frustrated year after year. Your intentions are good, but your follow through is lacking a foundation!

I don't think we intentionally set ourselves up to fail when we vow to lose weight. But we end up mad at ourselves as though we were to blame when the resolution fades, the pounds stay and the frustration grows. I think we try to change too much too soon and therefore can't stick with it.

Do you want to do it differently this year? Do you want this to be the year you realize your weight loss dreams and goals? If so, you are in the right place! Vice Busting is the way to permanently change your lifestyle; ONE healthy step at a time.

To JumpStart your New Year's resolutions I am doing a 21-day challenge to help you build a strong foundation on which your resolution to lose weight can successfully grow for the entire year--and the rest of and BEST of your life! To help you get started, I'd like to give you my blockbuster CD "Secrets of the Fittest"  -- it's free and sure to help you realize change in the coming year.  You will also be signed up to get FREE motivational emails from me to help you realize your weight loss goals and learn about tools that might help.

The "Secrets of the Fittest" CD will give you insights into exactly how a fit person lives, what they do that you aren't doing or might do more healthfully! Isn't it time you were let in on the secrets to losing weight and living fit? Click here to get started.

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