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A Land Where Nothing Grows

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

When Pastor Joseph retired, there were lots of things he could have done. He’s an educated man with two master’s degrees. He’s fluent in five languages—including Arabic. In fact, his Arabic is so good, he was invited to teach it!

But with many opportunities in front of him, he chose to move to one of the most dangerous communities in Senegal.  

“There are a lot of people hurting here,” Pastor Joseph told CBN.  “Crime is very high.  Children born here have little hope because it is very hard to farm in this region.  Agriculture is a way to approach the people here, and I want to share Jesus with them.”

But when Pastor Joseph started his farm, they struggled to grow anything. This part of Senegal receives only a few inches of rain each year between July and August. So he was excited when CBN offered to help his struggling mission. Together with partners, Innovation Africa and The Alliance for Global Good, we drilled a deep well, powered by solar energy. With a reliable source of water now at his fingertips, we helped Pastor Joseph set up a drip irrigation system to easily and efficiently keep his crops watered throughout the year. 

Soon his fields were producing a lot of crops, and were staying green all year round. This got the attention of his Muslim neighbors. Curious about the success of his farm, these Muslim neighbors started coming to the center to learn about the new technology. Along the way, Pastor Joseph was able to share with them about Jesus Christ and some of them eventually became Christians.

“In this way, a small Christian community was born right here on my farm,” said Pastor Joseph with a smile, “and every Sunday we meet and pray together.”

Pastor Joseph also uses the opportunity to minister to the children of the community that come from Muslim and Animist backgrounds.  He is using CBN’s Superbook programs to introduce them to the God of the Bible.

“Because of the solar panels, well and irrigation we have had a record harvest!” he said. “We have clean drinking water, improving health in the children, and more jobs for young people here. Thank you CBN for your partnership. The people here are regaining their hope—and they are hearing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

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