Scott Ross

CBN.com - The son of Scottish immigrants, Scott Ross was introduced to America at age nine, and to radio at age 15. His fascination with the medium led to work at NBC while studying acting at the New York Theatre Academy. Later, as assistant music director at WINS Radio, Scott entered the personal and professional lives of top rock stars including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. He emceed a Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. Scott heard the number one hit, "Be My Baby," and responded in grand fashion when he married Ronettes singer Nedra Talley.

Scott found a permanent home behind the microphone in upstate New York, where "The Scott Ross Show" debuted on a small network of five radio stations. The weekly show grew to syndication on 200 stations and won five "Billboard" awards.

The early 1980's brought Scott's move to television, where he produced and hosted entertainment features for a national audience and garnered five "Angel" awards for excellence.

For three years, "Scott Ross Straight Talk," a daily talk show on The Family Channel, addressed hundreds of issues in an effort to cut to the heart of people's opinions and motivate viewers to positive response. Nominated for the ACE Award for Best Interview Host on cable television, Scott once watched skin heads storm off the set, and even stopped a program to counsel a suicidal caller. He challenged the racist, the self-righteous, and the complacent, while reaching out to the homeless, the addicted, and people with AIDS. Scott took viewers for an inside look at human conflict from the gang-ravaged streets of Los Angeles to the war-torn hills of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

As always, Scott goes beyond reporting on problems, to find in every situation someone who is providing answers.

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