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africamatters 05/20/09

"Africa Mercy" Brings Hope & Healing

First off, I hope you all like the slick new look of our web site!  The web team has been working for months to revamp our web site.  In the process, a few of my postings got "lost."  But now that everything is running normally, that shouldn't be a problem. 

On to today's blog...

I hope you all got to see the story we ran on Christian World News this week about the Africa Mercy.  The ship is a converted ferry that recently entered service as the world's largest privately-run hospital ship. It's a fantastic story that offers hope and healing!

Please check out the story.  I think you will be encouraged by it.  (Click here to read and view video.)

In my opinion, the most exciting thing about this trip by the Africa Mercy is that the crew and medical staff is committed to in-depth ministry.  The ship will be spending ten months in Benin. 

Not to discount short-term missions, but spending quality time in one place gives you an added advantage when you minister. 

The local population gets to see how the Christian crew handles adversity, heat, critters, exhaustion over the long term.  It's harder to keep up a brave face after four, six, ten months away from the comforts of home.  My bet is they will see the love of Jesus shining through...and that will make all the difference.

To borrow a phrase from my Australian friends, "good on ya!" Africa Mercy.  May God richly bless your ministry...