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Anne Graham Lotz: Her Book, America, and Remembering Billy Graham: Part 1

Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer

Anne Graham Lotz, speaking at Moody Bible Institute: “Not only are our sins forgiven, not only does He give us eternal life, but we enter into a covenant relationship with God.”

With a style strikingly reminiscent of her famous father, Anne Graham Lotz has powerfully proclaimed the gospel for thirty years.  On the personal side, Anne is called “mom” by three grown children, and “grandmother” by three young ladies. In 2015, her beloved husband of nearly 50 years, Danny, died unexpectedly.  These days, Anne continues to spur audiences around the globe to deeper devotion to Christ. Her newest book is: The Daniel Key.

SR: “All right. Why Daniel?”

AGL: “Daniel was a remarkable man. And in the Old Testament he just stands out for his integrity, his loyalty, the strength of his faith. But about 15 years ago, maybe a little bit longer, I zeroed in on chapter 9, which is his prayer for his people. It’s a prayer that works. It was a prayer that was very powerful.”

SR: “One of the other areas you speak about and I don’t hear it discussed that often, is the fact that in prayer, Daniel got into this, spiritual warfare. What is spiritual warfare?”

AGL: “When we go into prayer, there is a spiritual battle that ensues. Where the enemy, who is the devil, and all of his, you know, demons, if he can’t keep us from prayer, then he wants to distract us in prayer or he wants to keep our answers from coming. And so it’s just—it’s a battle, but we have the victory in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s no spirit that we’ll ever face that’s greater than the authority that we have been given in Jesus’ name.”

SR: “Yeah. And when we look across our culture today, do you believe some of the issues we’re dealing with are spiritual warfare?”

AGL: “I don’t think our culture is acknowledging that, but yes. I believe that the enemy has unleashed an attack on God’s people, on the leaders of God’s people, on the children of God’s people.” And of course it goes back to our choices. We’ve made choices as a nation that have taken us away from God’s Word, taken us away from the truth, taken us away from faith. And our foundation of faith is crumbling.

SR: “The Supreme Court said, ‘Okay, gambling’s legal across the board.’ I remember, I mean, you’d have been stoned the way I was raised for gambling or even playing cards. So look where we are now. That’s only one example. So are we compromising our value system?”

AGL: “I’m not sure we’re compromising or just throwing it away. But what I’m concerned about is not so much our culture or the secular world, I look at the church. And it’s when the church starts to throw away the values and they throw away God’s Word, and they’re not spending time in prayer and they substitute programs for prayers and orthodoxy for obedience. You know, activity for the movement of the Spirit. Then that’s where I’m concerned. Because if a light is dimmed, if it’s hidden under a bushel, or the salt loses its savor, then how can we make an impact on the next generation?”

SR: “In our world right now, our country, threats of war, which Jesus said we’re going to have them, school shootings, volcanoes, airplane crashes. Sex issues, homosexuality, transgender issues, whatever else. All that stuff that’s going on right now. Are you hopeful for the United States or is it getting so dark that you’ve lost hope?”

AGL: “I believe that there is hope if God brings His Spirit, pours out His Spirit, and we have revival in the church. If God’s people will wake up and they’ll start living for Him and loving Him and paying the price for taking a stand for Him and sharing the Gospel, then I believe revival, the church could greatly impact our nation.”

SR: “How do you define revival? Is it getting a tent, hitting the road? Everybody tongues and tambourines and all that. Or is there something—what is revival? Reviving what?”

AGL: “Well, you know, a dead person can’t be revived. So it’s not evangelism. It’s taking God’s people who have received Christ by faith but have become apathetic, complacent, dormant, stagnant. Where our hearts are broken because of our own sin. And the blood is applied and it’s painful. But there’s a cleansing that comes and a power and a freshness. And then it’s like, you know, we don’t care what other people think. We’re not looking to please other people. We don’t want to be popular. We simply want to live our lives to please the Lord who shed His blood to take away our sin, to give us this new life. And we come alive.  If there’s no revival of the church, then my hope is in the return of Jesus. And I believe Jesus is soon to come. In fact, I said it at my father’s service. I felt that God had told me a long time ago that when my father went to heaven, that that would be a shot across the bow and that would be a wake-up call to the whole world. And that the Gospel will be preached to the whole world, which it was.”

SR: “Now I don’t want to get too personal with you, but your husband passed on to be with Jesus a few years ago. More recently, your father. When you see sickness coming or disease or death, do you get desperate in those times in your prayers? ‘God, do something? Why didn’t You do something,’ etc., etc.?”

AGL: “Well, I’ll tell you my husband. I found him in our pool unresponsive. And I can tell you I had desperate prayers. And God chose to hold him for a couple of days, I think, so we could say goodbye and sort of close the door. And then God took him to heaven. For my father, I was, you know, we were all expecting –he was 99. So we were expecting that it would be sometime soon, that he would move to heaven. It caught us by surprise when he did because he was doing so well, you know. He was, as I understand, having breakfast, or getting ready to breakfast, took a few breaths, and he was in heaven. You know, no struggle, no pre-warning. Just, he was there. And so there wasn’t a desperation with that.”

SR: “Your mother and father were, at one time, the patriarch and the matriarch. That mantel’s now passed to you, Ma’am. You are matriarch and you have your siblings. And how is the family doing after the departure of your dad more recently?”

AGL: “You know, I think we’re doing all right. It’s been difficult in many ways. We’re all scattered. I talked to one of my sisters last night. I talked to Franklin day before …and so we’ll stay in touch. But without that home base, it’s going to be different. You’re exactly right. So we’ll just—only time will tell how it’s, you know, how it falls out. But I love my siblings. And, you know, thank God for the family in which we were placed.”

SR: “There’s a great picture somewhere, I read, about you sitting at his knee and you would share the Scriptures together. You would read them and then he would have you explain or he would explain it. That’s very intimate, a father and daughter and so forth. So there are a myriad of moments between father and daughter. But what’s missing now?”

AGL: “Well, of course Daddy’s missing. And to think of what I miss the most is just everything. You know, so I can’t pull out one thing. It’s knowing that I can’t go home to see him anymore. Even in his last few years when he was weak, I just loved to sit there and hold his hand. Or stroke his head, or he he was affectionate when I would lean down to kiss him, he would just –he was so warm and would embrace me.
But he loved God’s Word. And I miss hearing his comments. But, you know, the sweet thing, I’ve written a new book on the Holy Spirit that’ll come out next spring. And I was thinking I wish I had Daddy to talk to. You know, I wish I could discuss this with Daddy.  And I looked up in my bookcase and he had a book on the Holy Spirit that I don’t know, it’s maybe 40 years old. And so I pulled it down and in the fly leaf he’d written the most beautiful thing to me. And I read it, it was like talking to Daddy about the things I wanted to talk about.”

SR: “You don’t get angry?”

AGL: “No.”

SR: “You don’t – ‘God, You let me down. You didn’t answer my prayer.’ Not ….”

AGL: “Never have I...”

SR: “Is that true? Never?”

AGL: “That is true. That is true. Absolutely true. Because God is God. And who am I? And I know that God loves me. And I know that He wants my best. I know His will for me is perfect. So what I try to do when He doesn’t answer what I’ve asked, is sort of fall back, ‘Now God, what are You seeing that I don’t? You know, what are You doing here that I don’t quite understand?’ And I try to see it from God’s perspective. Because His ways are not our ways. But He’s a good God. He’s a good heavenly Father. And as a widow, and an orphan now, I can tell you, He is a good Father, He is a good Husband, and I trust Him completely.”

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