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Anne Graham Lotz: Victory Through Prayer

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Best-selling author, latest, The Daniel Prayer, (Zondervan, 2016)

Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force

Founder, AnGeL Ministries

Launched Just Give Me Jesus women’s revivals in 2000, the events have been held in more than 30 cities in 12 different countries with hundreds of thousands of attendees

Called the “best preacher in the family” by Reverend Billy Graham

She and her late husband Dr. Danny Lotz have 3 grown children and three grandchildren

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Anne has spent time studying the plea of the biblical prophet Daniel on behalf of his nation, Judah, which had come under God's judgment. "While I am well aware that we can pray anytime, anywhere, about anything, the Daniel Prayer is different," Anne writes. "It's a commitment. And I am convinced our commitments, or lack of them, change our lives." She points to parallels of Judah and America, showing our nation's historical and progressive removal of God from society, and emphasizes the need for prayer as a nation given our current culture in which abortion, evolution, same-sex marriage and pornography are seen as a "norm." "As our nation demands that God get out, He will ... but by degrees," Lotz writes. “He backs away slowly. At any stage if our nation turns to Him in repentance of sin, we can be restored in a right relationship with Him ... which is why it's time to pray the Daniel Prayer with sincere, heartfelt confession now." The Daniel Prayer is a prayer that moves Heaven and impacts a nation, says Anne. “There is nothing professional or formulaic about it. It is passionate, heartfelt, laser-focused, soul-gripping, I-won't-let-You-go-until-You-bless-me, pleading-until-you-get-an-answer kind of prayer."

She says prayer – not our next president – will save our nation. "When it comes to our nation, we may think the real battle is with a political leader or a form of government or corporate greed or radical terrorists or whatever obvious, visible enemy we can name," Lotz writes. "But the real battle is in the spiritual realm with an invisible enemy. Victory is won through prayer!"
“I have learned by experience that prayer which moves Heaven is a commitment to pray that is confirmed by God’s Word, while the compulsion to pray is often triggered by our problems,” shares Anne. In 2015, when she discovered her seventy-eight-year-old husband, Danny, to whom she had been married for forty-nine years, in her swimming pool, unresponsive. She began to pray the Daniel Prayer as desperately as she ever had. Emergency responders were able to restart Danny’s heart, but two days later he was removed from life support. During this horrific incident, Anne says she had complete peace, “which surpasses all understanding.” When Danny passed from death to life she knew he was in the presence of his Lord and Savior. She believes it was God’s time for Danny to go to Our Father’s House.

Anne shares how a few years ago she needed to have an emergency abdominal surgery for diverticulitis. The doctor assured her she would be strong enough in a month to lead a revival for Just Give Me Jesus. Her recovery was complicated by a severe case of vertigo leaving her dizzy and weak. God revealed some scriptures to her and she began to praise God for the strength she knew He would give her. God answered her prayer and gave her the strength she needed during the revival. Anne did not collapse and she praised God for His faithfulness.

When Danny’s health was declining, Anne cut back on traveling and became his caretaker. During this time, she was able to be quiet and listen more to the whispers of the Spirit. “He revealed things to me in the stillness that

I’m not sure I would have heard in my prior chaotic busyness,” shares Anne. Now she realizes that God intentionally placed her there to focus on prayer and assigned her the privilege of calling others to pray. She wants to help others learn how to prepare, plead and prevail in prayer just as Daniel did many years ago. She offers the following framework to help you pray for yourself, your family, and your nation:

•    Focus on the character of God; it helps to encourage your faith as you begin to pray. Centering your mind on God brings peace and calmness to your spirit.
•    Make time to get alone with God and pray privately.
•    Start to build fasting into your prayer life. Anne shares how she began to fast early in her marriage when she was unable to get pregnant. For one year, she prayed and fasted for a son. God answered her prayer and nine months later she had Jonathan.
•    Establish a covenant relationship with Him. Anne became a Christian when she was eight years old.
•    Worship God for His faithfulness.
•    Confess your own sins. Once your heart is broken for your own sin, then you are ready to intercede with God for the sins of others.
•    Pray God’s Word back to Him or “Reversing the Thunder.” Daniel’s prayer became intensely focused on asking God for what He wanted to give and what He had promised to give.
•    Read the Scripture. The Holy Spirit can’t bring to your remembrance things you have never known.
•    Prevail in prayer –Your spirit holds a position of prayer before God until an answer is given.

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