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Author, latest, Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith (Worthy Publishing, 2018)

Senior Pastor of Shepherd Church

Host of Lift Up Jesus the television and radio ministry of Shepherd Church

Founder of Dream of Destiny a ministry to foster racial diversity within the church

Speaker for several professional sports teams

Received his B.A. from Ozark Christian College

Received his M.A. in church growth from Hope International University

Received his honorary D.D. from St. Charles University

Married to Renee

Three children

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“Evangelism is the most important thing we have been called to do as followers of Christ. We were saved so that we might help others be saved,” shares Dudley. One of the greatest definitions of evangelism that has stuck with Dudley throughout the years: evangelism is nothing more than mouth-to-ear resuscitation. The gospel of Jesus comes from your mouth to someone’s ear – and brings life to a spirit who, without Christ, is dead in sin. He says any believer can share the gospel effectively with the proper training.

Dudley shares seven traits he has noticed in those who are compelled to tell others about Christ. (1) Surrender your heart – let God lead you where he would have you to go; (2) Be available – be willing to go in the direction God is telling you to go; (3) Run, don’t walk – respond promptly when God directs you. Don’t miss an opportunity because you don’t know when it will present itself again; (4) Be sensitive – listen to the needs of those around you and be ready to share the answer – Jesus; (5) Be helpful –show kindness (example: mow an elderly person’s lawn or tutor a student). Helpful acts can be very much a part of the soul-winning process; (6) Build respect – make a connection with others; and (7) Preach Jesus – open up your mouth and talk about Jesus, but be mindful of your tone and attitude.

When writing Compelled, many told Dudley that books on evangelism weren’t popular anymore – that he was wasting his time on such a topic. Knowing the importance of the Great Commission, Dudley felt he had no choice but to write a book about the greatest calling on earth: to tell others of the good news of Jesus Christ.

In churches today sound doctrine is being replaced with self-serving ideas that are devoid of spiritual truths. People are more concerned with making money and being liked than preaching the gospel. “Churches across the world are dying because they no longer accurately preach and teach God’s Word,” shares Dudley.

“We are Jesus’s workers. He is counting on us to take His message to a world that is spiritually bankrupt,” shares Dudley. A great example of a soul-winner in the Bible was Paul. He went on missionary trips and voyages, which put him in unspeakable danger and brushes with death. Yet he was compelled to tell others about the love of Christ. Another person committed to sharing their faith was Frank Jenner. A white haired man who gave out gospel tracts on a street called George in Sydney, Australia for over forty years.  Frank, who used to live a reprobate life, made a promise to God after his conversion that he would give out ten tracts a day for the rest of his life. People from all over the world got saved on a street called George. The estimated number of people he influenced for Jesus over the years was more than 146,000.

People have been rejecting Christ since the Garden of Eden and will continue to do so until Jesus returns.  “The pain of rejection can derail many believers from their mission of preaching the gospel,” shares Dudley. Therefore it is important for you to learn how to face rejection when sharing the gospel and handle it with grace:

  • Don’t Take It Personally – people are not rejecting you, but rather the One who sent you.
  • Let God Handle Your Worries – give your worries and fears to God then do what He has called you to do.
  • Keep A Clear Head  - don’t let the devil talk you out of sharing your faith.
  • Counter Falsehood with the Truth – use God’s word to help you battle rejection.
  • God Will Restore You – The rejection you may experience will be met with His acceptance. Your failure will be met with His triumph.

The message of the cross offends people because The Son of God confronts humanity with their sin. “There are people who stand against your message, and some will do whatever it takes to stop you,” shares Dudley. It can rattle the very foundation of our faith. There are three truths to remember that can give you courage when facing opposition: (1) Jesus knows what you are going through – He bore all your pain on the cross; (2) God is able to use a bad situation for your good – God has the power to transform the evil that the world does into the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28); and (3) Persecution is one of the greatest opportunities for evangelism – share the gospel with gentleness and respect to those around you. The persecution and suffering will be worth the victory, an eternity with God.    

In the ninth grade, Dudley remembers sitting in church one night while his father was preaching. During the invitation, the Holy Spirit came over him and he knew God was calling him into ministry. His dad never pushed him to follow in his footsteps yet Dudley knew that night that he wanted to be a preacher.

When Dudley was nineteen he preached at a little church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was just starting college in Missouri and was a shy, mild mannered kid. When he spoke with the three elders of the church he was terrified of them. They all smoked cigarettes and even did so in the church building. One day a local orphanage brought some kids to the church. However, their director was upset that these elders were smoking and setting a bad example for the kids. Dudley prayed that night that God would give him boldness to preach what the people needed to hear. The Holy Spirit gave him courage to speak what God had placed on his heart. The next Sunday morning the elders in the church let him go. Dudley says he never knew he could speak like that. God unleashed a boldness in him that was completely contrary to his nature. God will give you a burden for sharing your faith. Dudley says, “Just as the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed in Jeremiah 20:9, the Word of God will become like a fire in your heart and in your bones that you won’t be able to hold in even if you tried.”

Today Dudley is the senior pastor of Shepherd Church, a 15,000-member congregation that has been called “the most racially diverse church in Los Angeles.” He is passionate about boldly sharing the truth, hope, and salvation that is found in Jesus Christ with all people. He is the founder of Dream of Destiny, a ministry designed to foster ethnic diversity within the Christian Church. He has had the distinction of speaking for several professional sports teams and has been a featured chapel speaker for the World Series.

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