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Anxiety Lifted by Stranger's Prayer

Caleb Wood - 700 Club Producer
Shannon Woodland - 700 Club Producer

In October 2017, while working her job in an assisted living home, Ruthanne began to feel tremors in her chest.

“I started feeling this shaking inside of me,” remembered Ruthanne, “And it was in my core.  One day it lasted 19 hours.”

Her husband Werner became concerned.

"‘Well, where is the shakiness,’ well, she said ‘it's here,’ you know,” said Werner, touching his chest. “I never heard of anybody having a shakiness in the inside like that.”

“I went to see the doctor and he said that it was anxiety brought on by stress,” said Ruthanne. “Now that I knew what it was, what do I do about it?”

Her shaking became near-constant making it a struggle for Ruthanne to work and enjoy her hobby of painting.

“Even though I knew it was from stress, I kept thinking, ‘this area is so close to my heart, is this, you know, something to do with my heart,’" questioned Ruthanne. “And unfortunately when you can't explain something, fear sets in.”

With the anxiety growing and further affecting her job, Ruthanne went to talk with her boss.

“I’d always been a people-pleaser,” confessed Ruthanne. “One, I didn't want to let her (her boss) down, but I realized that I hadn't gone to God with this, that I hadn't said, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?’ And I asked to take three weeks off to try to figure out if I wanted to move forward, or what God wanted.”

Werner prayed, “‘Lord, You know what this is and the cause.  Just reveal, you know, how can we take the stress away?’”

As the couple prayed for answers, Ruthanne discovered a poem in her Bible from a friend.

“And it said, ‘Truth that shines so bright, to be awakened to a thought that shakes the core,’" recited Ruthanne. “That just gave me such hope.  God heard me and He knew exactly what was going on.”

On November 30th as they were watching The 700 Club, Pat (Robertson) gave a word of knowledge.

Pat on television: “Right now there’s somebody who’s got tremors. It’s not Parkinson’s but it comes through like Parkinson’s and your shaky, you’re trembling all over. Right now those tremors shall stop, in the name of Jesus you are healed.”

“God gave exactly the word that I needed to hear.  And when He gives you a word,” said an excited Ruthanne, “you know it's for you.”

Ruthanne was healed from her tremors immediately.

“She's looking forward for the Lord to do things for her, and for myself too,” said Werner noting the change in his wife, “and it helps both of us that we know that the Lord was right here always.”

“So the healing of the shakiness goes so much deeper,” said Ruthanne. “It's made me even more peaceful and more joyful and more wanting to reach out to others and say, ‘you're not alone.’"

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