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Army Family Takes Direct Hit From Tornado

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Did you know?

CBN's Helping the Home Front partners with local churches to meet the needs of military families. We offer hope and practical assistance to our armed forces and their loved ones. Learn more.

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Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

For Army wife Brandi, keeping the household running smoothly alone is second nature.  Her husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Brandi constantly prays for his safety.

“I trust.  And I say, 'God I know you’ve got great plans for my husband.  And you are his protector.  And you have angels around him.'”

In March of 2018, it was Brandi and the children who needed God’s protection when a tornado touched down in their neighborhood.  

“The rain and the storm was beating down on the house.  And you could hear that the wind was starting to get aggressive.”

Brandi had only seconds to get her children into the interior closet before the house took a direct hit.  

“My ears filled with pressure.  And a loud pop.  Glass, debris, furniture.  You could just hear it crashing. It happened so furious and fast, it happened just like that.”

The roof was ripped off.  Inside, glass from blown out windows destroyed most of the furniture.  This, is where her daughter would have been sleeping.

“The force of the glass breaking.  There is glass and debris, blinds.  It’s just destroyed.  I just look at this and I can’t help but be humble and thankful for God’s protection.”

Movers arrived to clear out the house.  Meanwhile, Brandi faced a potential financial crisis. She’d have to dip into savings to replace the things insurance wouldn’t cover. When her military support group Battleground heard about her situation, the group’s leader, Michelle Bowen called CBN’s Helping the Home Front and invited Brandi over to tell her some good news.

Michelle Bowen says, “We are partnering with CBN to make sure you are taking care of during this hardship.”

Brandi says, “I feel so loved.  And I feel so, just humble.  It means the world to me.  It really does.”

Michelle says, “We are going to take you shopping to replace household items, toys. Also, we are going to take you to the furniture store so that the dining room table that has glass embedded in it, and your china hutch that’s ruined?  Those items can be replaced.  Your daughter’s bedroom furniture that has to be replaced?  We are stepping in to replace that as well.”

Brandi says, “That’s a lot!”

The staff at Ashley’s was standing by to offering discounts on everything Brandi needed.  CBN also took Brandi shopping to replace her children’s clothes and belongings.  Brandi can now face the cleanup with a little less stress.

“To have someone like CBN to come in and say we want to help in those situations.  It really means a lot.  And I do hope that you continue to help military families the way that you are.  It’s absolutely a game changer.”

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Did you know?

CBN's Helping the Home Front partners with local churches to meet the needs of military families. We offer hope and practical assistance to our armed forces and their loved ones.  Learn more.

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