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Battle Against Mysterious Pain Ends With Prayer

Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer
Hunter McWaters - 700 Club Producer

Charlotte never imagined the day would come that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family, or help run the several restaurants she and her husband owned – but it did.

“I actually started having some pain on my right side in 2010,” she said.  “The doctor I was going to at that time, she did extensive x-rays, blood work, and couldn’t find anything wrong.”

Over the next few years the pain and fatigue got worse.  Eventually, Charlotte discovered she had Lyme disease and an inflamed liver. Doctors started treating the Lyme disease and prescribed painkillers, but nothing seemed to help.

“I felt like every day that I was dying.  That I was literally dying.  You’re aching and tired, you don’t have any energy. You don’t feel like doing anything but just sitting or laying.  I would get up and try to sweep, mop, cook, whatever, the normal things I always did. And I just couldn’t do it” she said.   

Charlotte’s husband Mike remembers those days.  “I would leave the house every morning, knowing the pain that she was in… I was losing hope, but she never gave up” he said, his eyes beginning to well up.

Charlotte never lost hope because, as she told us, there were some things the pain couldn’t keep her from doing.  “It didn’t stop me from praying.  And it didn’t stop me from reading my Bible” she said.  “In fact, I probably drew closer to the Lord then than I ever had. And I learned that when Jesus is all you got, Jesus is all you need.  

But after nearly 5 years of chronic pain, even praying on her knees, the way her mother taught her, became unbearable.  “I wasn’t able to get down on my knees because of the pain,” she remembered.  “I literally would get on the couch and just cry, just lay there and cry and just call out to God because it was just so painful at that time.”

Charlotte knew she needed a miracle, she says it came one day while watching one of her favorite shows – The 700 Club.

“I was standing at the refrigerator and Terry said, ‘There’s someone else with a liver condition, actually fairly recent, God’s healing that for you right now, just praise His name and receive it.’  I immediately raised my hands.  I said, ‘God, that is for me.  I know that is for me and I’m claiming healing.’”

Charlotte continued praying and believing God for healing.  Within a few weeks, the pain was completely gone.  “I got up one morning and I wasn’t hurting. And I thought, ‘wow, i feel really good.’  I mean, that was the first time I had not been in pain in 41/2 years…so after about a week I knew, I said, ‘Lord, you have healed my body.”  And I just claimed it because I knew I had prayed that day with Terry and God had heard our payers and He answered.  

Charlotte’s husband, Mike remembers the day clearly.  “One day, miraculously, she looked at me and said, ‘God’s healed me.’  And He did!  One day it was like the world just turned back to the way it was supposed to be!”

Charlotte has since been cured of Lyme disease and is off all medication.  She’s still pain free and able to enjoy her family again.  

“The Lord gave me Luke 18:1 during my sick times,” said Charlotte.  “And it’s to always pray and don’t give up… no matter what you’re going through, no matter what hardship, storm, circumstance, God walks with you through that storm and He’s never going to leave us nor forsake us.”

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