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“I was a library director for over 15 years. And of course, wearing the heels. You know, this is the suit and jacket days, show up to work looking A+. You had to wear your shoes and look great,” says Janis as she recalls her career as a PhD librarian.

Janis Jordan would spend hours on her feet in the library. Then she left the library to pursue a career teaching special needs students, and that put her on her feet even more.   

“I have a group of autistic students I take that are supervised, basically little interns at the hospital. I get them ready. I have to walk three miles at the hospital,” says Janis.

Working on her feet for years took its toll, as Janis developed a painful affliction known as hammertoes.

“Hammertoes are a turning under of the four toes. The condition was probably onset by wearing the high heels. There was pain that deeply associated with it,” explains Janis.

After dealing with the pain for several years, Janis finally consulted her doctor.

"'What can I do to get healed, or cured from these?' And he talked about surgery where they break the bones and reset. That was not in my lane, so I said, 'Thank you.' I never followed up on that at all,” Janis recalls.

So, she did her best to push through the pain for another 10 years. 

“I'm a person who keeps on moving and I just accommodated this. And the pain, I just didn't really focus on it or really pay attention to it,” says Janis. What she didn’t do in all that time, is pray. Because, to Janis, her problem wasn’t “big enough” to pray about. But as a regular viewer of The 700 Club, she’s always loved praying for others, especially when the hosts pray for the audience. “Prayer is very important. You can't accomplish anything without prayer,” says Janis.

Then on July 4th, 2019, after doing some yardwork, Janis hurried inside to catch the Word of Knowledge prayer segment on The 700 Club. This time, it was Janis’s turn to receive a word.

“The very first words out of his mouth struck me,” says Janis.

“There’s someone, you’ve got hammer toe and you have some other issues that are age-related. You’re not even praying, but God is saying, I can even restore, I can renew your youth,” says Gordon Robertson.

“I’m in really awe, 'cause this is me, he’s talking about me!” exclaims Janis.

“That toe – be restored in Jesus’ name and let that be a sign to you that He has plans, He has purpose for your life,” says Gordon.  

“And there I felt, and I looked at my toes, they were going flat and the pain was just flowing from them. This was my set time. And it was totally unexpected. I was also very surprised. So, God does–God has the most wonderful surprises for you,” Janis exclaims.

Janis has been pain-free ever since and her hammertoes have not returned. Now a part of an intecessory prayer group, she encourages everyone to reach out in prayer, no matter how big or how small their needs might be.

“He is the great physician. He takes all kinds of cases, my little tiny one to the big ones such as the cancers and so on. The Lord is looking; He is looking to move on our behalf,” says Janis.

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