Anchored in: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World

As a pastor's daughter, author, and speaker, Micah Maddox knew about the power of God, but when her father abandoned the family on a Sunday morning and didn't return, she faced a choice to cling to what she had been taught or turn away from God.

Problems paralyze, but the power of God propels us. When we push forward, we can hold onto God during a ripple or a tidal wave in our lives. In Anchored In, Micah focuses on the power and presence of God in our lives as a life preserver in days that are filled with complex problems, people, and perplexing situations.

A power-full life is not problem-free. The problems of this world fall under the greatest Power ever known. God's power grants us permission to navigate anything that comes our way. We only need to anchor into our Savior.