18 Days of Grace: A Story of God's Miraculous Healing Power

There are times in life when God shows Himself so clearly it’s hard not to want to tell the world about it. In 18 Days of Grace, Nate and Anna Weeber share the terrifying, uncertain, and faith-building adventure when Anna experienced a severe ruptured brain aneurysm at 26 weeks pregnant.

This story tells of the miracles they saw God perform, obstacles that God overcame, and a community that came together in such a tangible way the couple can’t help but go away praising God for all they saw and heard.

In 18 Days of Grace, follow Nate and Anna’s journey that includes the actual Facebook posts Nate posted at the time of the aneurysm to the thousands of prayer warriors who were following their story.

This honest, heartfelt, suspenseful, real-life story will touch your heart while sharing miracles, healing, hope, and God’s overwhelming, undeniable grace. Join them as they walk through the most terrifying 18 days of their lives. Join them . . . in 18 Days of Grace.

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