Always My Hero

Her world came crashing down when she got the call saying her brother had been killed. Major Samuel Griffith was one of the most beloved and humble Marine Corps Officers to serve his country. Fiercely dedicated to becoming an F-18 aviator, he embodied perseverance and grit. He led his men with wisdom beyond his years and loved making everyone laugh. Sam was truly living the dream. 

One tragic day, Sam was killed in action, leaving behind a now “Gold Starred” wife, children, parents and sister–Renee. Renee quickly realized as a new Gold Star sister, that siblings are often the “forgotten mourners,” and had to fight through PTSD with virtually no support or community. As a result, Renee felt compelled to share her honest, raw and at times gut-wrenching account of what it was like losing a sibling to war in hopes of helping others like her connect and work through their own grief. 

Always My Hero will have you laughing one moment and moved to tears the next. Get to know Sam and the amazing Marine he was through the eyes of his sister and fellow servicemen and discover how to exchange sorrow for strength so you can crawl out of the trenches of despair and finally find…hope.

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