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The Blessedness of Brokenness

"God doesn't use the blessed but BROKEN the most" Society suggests that if you are bruised, battered or broken you are trash. We got GOOD NEWS for you! It's true "One man's junk is another Man's treasure." Just because you are down doesn't mean you are done. Have you ever sat in an audience and watched someone speak or sing on stage and think "everything they did in life must have been easy. I bet everything they touched turned to gold. They must have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth?" We all have but in this book you will learn that your disappointment is a Divine Appointment. For every pain God still has a Plan. The reason stained glass windows are expensive is not because of the colors but the cracks. When the Light shines through the cracks the colors EXPLODE! Your adversity today is preparing you for Varsity tomorrow. The brokenness in your life is not your enemy but a friend you just haven't met. You will never consider setbacks the same. The same folks you see on stage all have a story. This book is filled with 17 amazing stories that will reveal the "story behind the story-tellers." You see their platform but you may not be familiar with their pain. We see some of their celebrity but now learn firsthand their calamity in anonymity. Indeed, God doesn't use the blessed but broken people the most. Like a rubber band, tough times are not snapping you but SHAPING you to be more like God. Even demotion comes before promotion in the dictionary. The resistance in your life today will determine your distance you will fly in a future tomorrow. Don't get sour but soar to heights you could never imagine when you give God your broken pieces and watch Him make something beautiful. Authors include: Pastor Matthew Barnett, Dr Junior Hill, Zoro The Drummer, Brenda Epperson, Sam Glenn, Jamey Ragle, Shelley Hendrix, Andy Williams, Dr Tim Lee, David Edwards, Lex Luger, Rev Christian Harris, Brandon Crouch, Dr T.A. Powell, Rev Marvin Harris, Buddy Mullins, Acton Bowen, Matt Brown & Frank Shelton